Date: 13.09.2023

by Mateusz Mazur

BetConstruct Unveils Bet-Insights: Revolutionizing the Sports Betting Experience

BetConstruct, a leading provider of iGaming and sports betting solutions, has introduced Bet-Insights, an innovative product aimed at redefining the sports betting experience.

BetConstruct Unveils Bet-Insights: Revolutionizing the Sports Betting Experience iGamingExpress

Bet-Insights is designed to elevate player engagement and accuracy by offering in-match hints and recommendations based on statistical data.

Enhancing User Recommendations

Bet-Insights aims to enhance user recommendations and deepen player engagement by providing real-time insights during sporting events. Initially focused on three major sports – football (soccer), basketball, and tennis – the product has plans to expand its offerings to include up to 10 sports and eSports.

Bet-Insights introduces a customizable widget that offers bettors insights into relevant match information, empowering them to make informed betting decisions while promoting responsible gambling. The automated system aggregates and refines statistical data, encompassing head-to-head records, recent team performances, wins, and the performance of favorite and underdog teams. This process allows Bet-Insights to identify matches that meet specific filtering criteria, delivering precise and valuable suggestions.

Eliminating the Need for External Sources

Bet-Insights serves as a unique solution that eliminates the necessity for users to consult external sources for critical information. By reducing manual intervention and providing essential insights within a single tool, Bet-Insights aims to increase player retention and engagement.

In conclusion, BetConstruct’s Bet-Insights represents a significant advancement in the sports betting industry, offering players real-time statistical data and recommendations to enhance their betting experience. This innovative product aims to simplify the betting process, increase player engagement, and promote responsible gambling practices within the sports betting community.

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