Date: 13.02.2024

by Antoni Majewski

BetConstruct Unveils Innovative Products to Revolutionize Player Engagement and Partner Efficiency

BetConstruct, a leading technology and services provider for the online gaming industry, has announced the launch of four groundbreaking products designed to enhance player engagement and optimize partner operations. These new offerings are tailored to meet the evolving needs of operators and the dynamic demands of the modern market.

A Quartet of Game-Changing Solutions

The first in the lineup, Bet on League, serves as an all-encompassing sportsbook and iframe solution, providing operators with a wide array of betting options and detailed statistics for in-depth competition analysis. This product aims to facilitate informed betting decisions and maximize profitability by equipping users with comprehensive tools and insights.

Following closely is LOYA, a personalized loyalty program designed to boost player satisfaction. By automatically adjusting rewards and incentives to match individual user behavior, LOYA not only enhances customer loyalty but also delivers valuable insights into customer preferences and habits.

Pocket Pro, an Android-powered betting application, breaks new ground by extending betting operations beyond traditional bet shops. This innovative app enables cashiers to accept bets, handle payments, and manage online player transactions seamlessly from a single device, thereby streamlining operations and improving user convenience.

Completing the quartet, BetCloud presents a revolutionary approach to handling high-volume bets with reduced risk. Through a unique network that pools deposits from BetCloud operators, this solution allows for more efficient operations, cost reductions, and the ability to confidently manage large wagers.

Commitment to Innovation and Excellence

BetConstruct continues to push the boundaries of technology and service in the online gaming sector, promising to maintain a steady flow of innovative products. These latest offerings underscore the company’s dedication to refining the partner experience and introducing new levels of excitement for players.

BetConstruct’s latest product launches represent a significant advancement in online gaming technology and services. By addressing the specific needs of operators and players alike, these innovations not only enhance the overall gaming experience but also set new standards for operational efficiency and customer engagement in the industry.

As BetConstruct continues to innovate, its commitment to excellence and forward-thinking approach will undoubtedly shape the future of online gaming.