by Adam Dworak

BETER Live Elevates Player Experience with Innovative Bonus Engine

BETER Live, a leader in providing premium live content for the global gaming market, has announced the launch of an advanced bonus engine that introduces two groundbreaking features designed to enhance player engagement and retention: Bet & Get and Tournaments.

The Bet & Get feature is crafted to boost player involvement by allowing players to place a bet and in return, receive an exclusive bonus. This innovative approach not only enhances the gaming experience but also offers players the chance to convert bonus money into real winnings once wagering requirements are fulfilled.

BETER Live has prioritized flexibility in this feature, enabling operators to tailor bonuses, limits, wagering amounts, and more to different player groups, ensuring a personalized gaming experience.

Tournaments Feature: A New Dimension of Excitement

Complementing the Bet & Get, BETER Live’s Tournaments feature introduces a competitive edge to live gaming. Players are automatically enrolled in tournaments, eliminating any need for manual opt-in, which simplifies participation.

Operators have unparalleled control over the tournament’s framework, including prize pools, promotion periods, and point-earning mechanisms. This feature not only fosters player loyalty but also amplifies the thrill of competition, making every game more engaging.

Leadership Insights

Anna Vikmane, Director at BETER Live, emphasized the company’s commitment to enhancing gameplay without disruptions. “With our bonus engine featuring Bet & Get alongside Tournaments, we have done just that,” she stated. Vikmane highlighted the customizability of these features, allowing operators to meet the nuanced preferences of their player base effectively.

Edvardas Sadovskis, Chief Product Officer at BETER Live, elaborated on the technical prowess behind these innovations. “We have developed an in-house promotional engine that allows us to build any kind of promotional tools on our platform,” Sadovskis remarked.

He expressed pride in the team’s ability to deliver fully automated promotional features, from pop-up messages to prize distributions, ensuring a seamless player experience.

Our Comment on the Article

BETER Live’s introduction of the Bet & Get and Tournaments features marks a significant advancement in the live gaming sector. By focusing on player engagement and retention through innovative and customizable promotional tools, BETER Live sets a new standard for interactive gaming experiences.

These features not only reflect the company’s deep understanding of player and operator needs but also its commitment to staying at the forefront of technological innovation in the iGaming industry. As BETER Live continues to refine and expand its product offerings, it solidifies its position as a key player in delivering cutting-edge gaming solutions.

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