by Bartosz Burzyński

BetGames and Betway Collaborate on Bespoke ‘Skyward’ Game for African Market

In a landmark collaboration, leading games provider BetGames has tailored its new hit game “Skyward” specifically for Betway, a major global online betting and gaming operator, with a focus on the African market. This partnership underscores BetGames’ ability to create unique versions of its popular titles for top-tier operators.

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Optimized for Developing Tech Landscapes

Acknowledging the distinct needs of regions with developing technological infrastructures, this bespoke version of “Skyward” has been designed to be lightweight and stable. It addresses the challenges prevalent in markets where low data consumption is a priority, making it an ideal choice for such environments.

Skyward: A High-Energy, Engaging Experience

“Skyward” is BetGames’ first foray into the crash game genre, combining exciting gameplay with user-friendly features like auto-betting and cash-out options. The game is noted for its high-energy experience and visually impressive design. It includes a range of animations that elevate the player’s experience, all while incorporating Betway’s signature branding to resonate with its loyal player base.

Statements from Key Figures

James Everett, VP Sales Africa at BetGames, highlighted the significance of “Skyward” in the evolution of the company’s content portfolio. He emphasized the strengthened relationship with Betway, citing the commitment to meeting local players’ needs and understanding market dynamics.

Hailee Cook, Product Manager (Casino & Verticals) for Betway Africa, expressed satisfaction with the collaboration. She emphasized the importance of presenting the latest games in an environment familiar to Betway’s players, noting that “Skyward” perfectly aligns with this objective. She reiterated Betway’s commitment to providing its customers with top-tier, innovative gaming content, with the partnership with BetGames being a key component of this strategy.

Our Comment on the Article

The collaboration between BetGames and Betway to develop a bespoke version of “Skyward” for the African market is a strategic move that demonstrates an astute understanding of market-specific needs. The decision to optimize the game for low data consumption environments reflects a nuanced approach to game development, catering to the unique technological landscape of the region. This partnership not only showcases BetGames’ flexibility in game adaptation but also Betway’s dedication to enhancing the gaming experience for its customers. By blending familiar branding with innovative gaming features, “Skyward” is set to offer a compelling experience to players, further cementing the relationship between these two industry giants and setting a precedent for future collaborations.

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