by Antoni Majewski

BetGames Expands Global Presence Through Partnership with Superbet

BetGames, a prominent live dealer and betting games studio, has announced a strategic partnership with Superbet, a global entertainment platform, to distribute its comprehensive portfolio of live, instant, and numbers games. This collaboration marks a significant milestone in BetGames’ efforts to broaden its international footprint, starting with launches in Serbia and Brazil.

Innovative Content Meets Global Platform

The partnership introduces BetGames’ acclaimed content, including its latest crash game, Skyward, to Superbet’s extensive audience. Renowned for providing high-win opportunities from small stakes, BetGames’ unique and engaging offerings are set to reach a wider global audience, reinforcing its position as a leader in the gaming content space.

With Superbet’s strong presence in Europe and its focus on technology and innovation, supported by tech hubs in Zagreb and London, the collaboration is poised to facilitate BetGames’ entry into significant markets. Serbia and Brazil have been identified as the initial targets for product rollout, with plans to expand further in the future.

Leadership Perspectives on the Collaboration

Andreas Koeberl, CEO at BetGames, expressed enthusiasm about the partnership, highlighting it as an alignment with the company’s growth strategy and international expansion goals. “We can’t wait to start with Serbia and Brazil,” Koeberl stated, underscoring the potential of this collaboration to enhance BetGames’ global reach.

Nick Yu, Head of Content & Live Casino at Superbet, also shared his optimism, pointing out the mutual benefits and the opportunity to offer unique experiences to Superbet’s customers. “There are plenty of mutual benefits for both companies in this deal, and we’re confident the move will only help to strengthen our current success following record-breaking years,” Yu remarked.

Commentary: A Leap Forward for BetGames and Superbet

This partnership between BetGames and Superbet represents a strategic alliance that promises to elevate both companies’ offerings and market presence. By leveraging Superbet’s platform and BetGames’ innovative gaming solutions, this collaboration is set to enrich the gaming experience for players across various markets, starting with Serbia and Brazil.

As BetGames continues to expand its international footprint, partnerships like these are crucial in shaping the future of the gaming industry, driving innovation, and delivering unparalleled entertainment to a global audience.

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