by Antoni Majewski

BetGames Launches Customized ‘Skyward’ Crash Game for Betano in Brazil

BetGames, a prominent games provider, announces the launch of a bespoke version of its debut crash game, ‘Skyward’, tailored specifically for the Betano brand in the Brazilian market. This custom version features localized animations and adaptations to meet the unique needs of Brazilian players.

The bespoke version of ‘Skyward’ demonstrates BetGames’ commitment to providing immersive gameplay experiences. The game, set against an aerial backdrop, features high-energy plane-based adventures with visually striking designs and captivating animations, catering to the preferences of Brazilian players.

Overcoming Infrastructure Challenges

Acknowledging potential infrastructure issues in Brazil, such as wait time and internet stability, BetGames has augmented ‘Skyward’ to ensure a smooth gaming experience with low data consumption. This adaptation makes the game more accessible to players with varying internet connectivity.

‘Skyward’ offers an engaging format suitable for gamblers of all levels. Players are encouraged to display bravery, with rewards increasing the longer they hold their nerve. The game boasts a maximum multiplier of x100,000, adding to the excitement.

Strengthening Betano’s Brazilian Market Presence

This collaboration enhances Betano’s offerings in the emerging Brazilian market. Betano, under its parent company Kaizen Gaming, is leveraging BetGames’ reputation for producing tailored content for operators, adding ‘Skyward’ to its growing portfolio.

Industry Leaders on the New Launch

Ian Catchick, CPO at BetGames, expresses enthusiasm for bringing the localized edition of ‘Skyward’ to Betano. He highlights the game’s popularity and potential for future partnerships.

Christos Mavridis, Head of Live Casino at Kaizen Gaming, emphasizes Betano’s commitment to expanding its operation. The addition of ‘Skyward’ aligns with their goal of providing an unforgettable gaming experience to customers.

Our Comment On The Article

The launch of ‘Skyward’ for Betano in Brazil by BetGames is a notable example of how gaming companies are increasingly focusing on localized content to appeal to specific markets. This approach not only demonstrates a keen understanding of diverse player preferences but also highlights the importance of technological adaptability in overcoming regional challenges such as internet connectivity. By customizing ‘Skyward’ for the Brazilian audience, BetGames not only reinforces its commitment to innovation and customer-centric design but also sets a precedent for future gaming developments.

The potential for this game to resonate with Brazilian players is significant, and it reflects a growing trend in the gaming industry towards more personalized and region-specific entertainment options. This strategy could be a key driver in expanding Betano’s user base and solidifying its position in the competitive Brazilian market. The success of this launch may serve as a catalyst for more such targeted gaming experiences, shaping the future of online gaming and betting in region-specific markets.

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