Date: 31.01.2024

by Antoni Majewski

BetGames Unveils Casino View for Enhanced Player Experience

BetGames, a prominent provider in the gaming industry, has announced the introduction of Casino View, a significant enhancement designed to elevate the user experience across its range of games. This new feature offers operators and players the flexibility to switch between the traditional betslip user interface and the innovative, chips-based Casino View.

BetGames Unveils Casino View for Enhanced Player Experience

A Fresh Take on Classic and New Titles

The initial rollout of Casino View will revamp the layout of BetGames’ casino titles, starting with Classic Wheel, Wheel of Fortune, and Dice Duel games. This feature will subsequently be extended to the broader game portfolio, including the popular live broadcast game, Bet-on-Poker. This update aims to deepen player engagement by providing a more immersive betting experience that combines the simplicity of instant betting with a visually appealing design.

Casino View is designed to cater to both traditional sports bettors and casino enthusiasts by offering the option to play using either chips or a betslip. This hybrid approach is intended to facilitate a smoother transition for players moving from sports betting to regular casino game play.

Enhancing Accessibility and Ease of Use

Ian Catchick, Chief Product Officer at BetGames, emphasized the company’s commitment to improving accessibility and user-friendliness as key factors in converting recreational bettors into regular game players. “Our mission is to help our partners nurture recreational bettors into games players, and accessibility and ease of use are crucial on this journey,” Catchick stated.

The company has focused on optimizing response times and ensuring that the Casino View feature is accessible from any API, allowing players to place bets with just a few clicks. This enhancement is part of BetGames’ broader strategy to provide a seamless and engaging gaming experience.

Showcasing Innovations at ICE 2024

BetGames is gearing up to present Casino View and a suite of new content at ICE 2024, one of the gaming industry’s most significant events. The company aims to showcase its commitment to innovation and its brand promise by introducing these updates at the event. “In the lead up to ICE 2024, we’re excited to showcase this new UI alongside a set of new content that will help us fulfil our brand promise,” Catchick added.


The introduction of Casino View by BetGames represents a significant advancement in enhancing the user experience for casino game players. By blending the traditional elements of sports betting with the dynamic world of casino gaming, BetGames is set to provide a more engaging and accessible platform for players. This development, along with the company’s upcoming showcase at ICE 2024, underscores BetGames’ dedication to innovation and its commitment to supporting operators in attracting and retaining players.