Date: 19.02.2024

by Antoni Majewski

Betsson Expands into the Dutch Market with Strategic Acquisitions

Betsson Group has officially announced its acquisition of Holland Gaming Technology Ltd, a licensed gaming operator in the Netherlands, and Holland Power Gaming B.V., a game development studio, marking a significant stride in its geographic and strategic expansion.

Betsson’s Strategic Move

In a bold expansion move, Betsson has acquired Holland Gaming Technology Ltd and its game development arm, Holland Power Gaming B.V., for a total of EUR 27.5 million. This acquisition is financed through Betsson’s own liquid assets, emphasizing the company’s robust financial standing and strategic vision for growth.

Holland Gaming Technology Ltd, now under Betsson’s umbrella, holds a prestigious gaming license in the Netherlands, offering a variety of casino games through its platforms, and This acquisition not only expands Betsson’s operational footprint but also enriches its gaming portfolio.

Holland Power Gaming: Innovating Game Development

Holland Power Gaming B.V. stands as a cornerstone in this acquisition, bringing in-house game development capabilities to Betsson. Specializing in casino games, this studio has been pivotal in supplying exclusive content to Holland Gaming Technology Ltd, enhancing the uniqueness and appeal of Betsson’s game offerings.

The acquisition, valued at EUR 27.5 million on a cash- and debt-free basis, was strategically structured with an upfront payment of EUR 16 million, followed by deferred payments amounting to EUR 11.5 million over the next twelve months. This financial strategy underscores Betsson’s commitment to growth while maintaining financial stability.

Strategic Implications and Regulatory Considerations

This acquisition aligns with Betsson’s long-term strategy to increase its revenue share from locally regulated markets, thereby reinforcing its commitment to compliant and sustainable growth.

The transaction, set to close on 19 February 2024, awaits post-closing approval from the Dutch gambling regulator, KSA, highlighting Betsson’s adherence to regulatory frameworks and its proactive approach to market expansion.

Objective Commentary: Betsson’s Visionary Expansion

Betsson’s acquisition of Holland Gaming Technology Ltd and Holland Power Gaming B.V. is a testament to its strategic foresight in the competitive online gambling industry. By integrating a licensed operator and a game development studio into its ecosystem, Betsson not only diversifies its market presence but also enhances its product offerings with unique, locally tailored games.

This move not only positions Betsson for growth in the Dutch market but also reflects its commitment to delivering profitable growth through thoughtful geographic expansion. As the industry continues to evolve, Betsson’s proactive and strategic acquisitions set a benchmark for sustainable and compliant growth in the global gambling sector.