Date: 17.10.2023

by Mateusz Mazur

BGaming and Street Artist MARCAMIX Unite in Creative Collaboration for SiGMA Europe 2023

BGaming, a rapidly growing iGaming content provider, has revealed its latest creative partnership as it gears up for SiGMA Europe 2023 in Malta. The company has joined forces with MARCAMIX, a celebrated graffiti artist based in Malta known for adorning buildings and structures across the country with his vibrant art.

BGaming and Street Artist MARCAMIX Unite in Creative Collaboration for SiGMA Europe 2023

The Artistic Fusion

BGaming, a creative slots studio, and MARCAMIX have come together to infuse the world of iGaming with street art. Inspired by BGaming’s popular game, “Elvis Frog,” and its iconic vinyl record symbol, MARCAMIX has applied an album cover theme to remix the game provider’s beloved characters into unique and eye-catching creations.

In this exciting collaboration, MARCAMIX has crafted works of art based on popular BGaming titles such as “Elvis Frog,” “Book of Cats,” “Aztec Magic,” and “Gold Rush with Johnny Cash.” These exquisite pieces will be proudly showcased at Stand 2109 during SiGMA Europe Summit, from November 13th to 17th.

More than Art – A Charitable Aspect

BGaming is not just offering art for display; they are also providing limited edition merchandise featuring live-art BGaming characters by MARCAMIX. For partners seeking a more philanthropic option, there’s also an opportunity to make a charitable donation equivalent to the value of the merchandise.

Kate Artsimenia, the Brand Manager at BGaming, expressed her enthusiasm for this collaboration, stating, “We can now announce our fourth and final local artist collaboration of 2023, after a successful collaboration with Malta-based MARCAMIX.

“Malta is the beating heart of gaming in Europe so we are delighted to work with MARCAMIX in this vibrant country and create artwork to welcome new and returning partners.”

Marcamix, the street artist behind this imaginative venture, shared his thoughts, saying, “I enjoy the creative challenge of collaborating and remixing ideas. The opportunity to combine perspectives without limitations is intriguing and exciting. An open-ended collaboration allows ideas to flow freely back and forth, organically leading to unexpected outcomes. I always start by trying to come up with an overarching narrative or theme that can tie all the individual pieces together. Stylizing unique personalities, the juxtaposition of quirky caricatures with album genres added layers of mystique, giving an unexpected twist to the group artwork.”

BGaming and MARCAMIX’s collaboration promises to bring a fresh and dynamic perspective to SiGMA Europe 2023, fusing the worlds of iGaming and street art in an unprecedented way. It’s a partnership that highlights the creative and innovative spirit of the gaming industry.