Date: 09.01.2024

by Mateusz Mazur

Blokotech Partners with Fintech Innovator Xprizo

Blokotech, a renowned B2B iGaming software supplier, marks a significant milestone by announcing its latest partnership with Xprizo, a leading fintech platform.

This strategic collaboration aims to transform the landscape of customer payment options in South East Asia and the GCC region.

Enhancing Payment Solutions in iGaming

The partnership brings together Xprizo’s fintech prowess with Blokotech’s robust iGaming solutions, focusing on enhancing accessibility, convenience, and trust in the online gaming and betting industries. This synergy is set to offer a seamless and secure payment experience, tailored to meet the dynamic needs of customers in these regions.

A key benefit of this collaboration is the introduction of a wide range of payment methods. These include the innovative Xprizo Wallet, alongside traditional options like credit and debit cards, digital wallets, and bank transfers. This initiative is designed to streamline the process of deposits and withdrawals, making it more efficient and user-friendly.

Emphasis on Security and Compliance

Central to this partnership is the commitment to security. Advanced encryption and fraud prevention measures are implemented to safeguard customer data and financial transactions. Moreover, the platform adheres to both local and international regulatory standards, ensuring a high level of trust and compliance in the industry.

The integrated platform will offer customers real-time transaction tracking and comprehensive account management, fostering transparency and financial control. Additionally, round-the-clock customer support will be available to assist with any payment-related queries or concerns.

Leaders’ Perspectives

Salvatore Messina, Co-Founder and General Manager of Blokotech, comments: “Blokotech is dedicated to providing world-class iGaming solutions, and this partnership with Xprizo underscores our commitment to offering a complete and unparalleled gaming experience. Together, we will set new industry standards for payment solutions in India and the UAE.”

Richard Mifsud, CEO of Xprizo, adds: “Joining forces with Blokotech enables us to deliver a cutting-edge payment solution for the iGaming industry in general. Combining our expertise in payments with Blokotech’s industry-leading iGaming platform means users will enjoy secure and seamless payment experiences.”

Our perspective

The alliance between Blokotech and Xprizo represents a significant leap forward in the iGaming industry. This partnership is not just about integrating two platforms; it’s about reshaping the payment experience in online gaming and betting.

By focusing on security, diverse payment options, and customer support, Blokotech and Xprizo demonstrate a deep commitment to elevating the user experience.