by Antoni Majewski

Bragg Gaming Group Expands Reach in Spain and LatAm with Sportium Partnership

Bragg Gaming Group, a prominent player in the gaming industry, has enhanced its market presence by launching its content with Sportium in Spain.

The expansion is not limited to Spain, as Mexico and Colombia are also on the agenda for upcoming launches.

Integration of Diverse Gaming Content into Sportium’s Platform

The partnership entails the integration of titles from Bragg’s exclusive casino content portfolio, along with games from various third-party providers, into Sportium’s platform. This move allows Sportium’s customers access to a wider range of gaming options.

Sportium, owned by CIRSA and a well-known operator in Spain since 2007, has expanded its reach over the past seven years into Latin American (LatAm) regions. The company has successfully gained a significant market share with its premium sports betting and casino products. This geographical expansion aligns with the increasing interest and potential in the LatAm online casino market.

Strategic Importance of the Partnership

The collaboration with Sportium represents a significant milestone for Bragg Gaming Group, solidifying its position in the Spanish market and demonstrating its ability to offer broad and localized content. The upcoming launches in LatAm countries, aligned with Bragg’s global expansion strategy, underscore the company’s commitment to growth in regions with emerging online casino regulations.

Matej Nemec, Commercial Director at Bragg Gaming Group, expressed excitement about the collaboration with Sportium. He emphasized the strategic importance of Spain as a key market and highlighted LatAm as a crucial region for future growth. “Sportium is a trusted operator with decades of experience and a strong brand, and we are thrilled to add our popular titles to its online casino in Spain and regulated markets in LatAm,” said Nemec.

Our Comment on the Article

The partnership between Bragg Gaming Group and Sportium marks a pivotal development in the gaming industry, especially in the context of expanding into new and regulated markets. This collaboration not only strengthens Bragg Gaming Group’s presence in established markets like Spain but also opens avenues in emerging markets in LatAm.

Such strategic partnerships are indicative of the dynamic nature of the gaming industry, where expansion and adaptation to local markets are key to sustained growth. Bragg Gaming Group’s ability to cater to diverse markets with its broad range of content is a testament to its commitment to global expansion and its adaptability to the evolving demands of the online gaming sector.

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