Date: 28.06.2023

by Mateusz Mazur

Brazil nears regulation of sports betting, says government official

During the National Football Conference (CONAFUT), José Manssur, the special advisor to the Brazilian Ministry of Finance, revealed that the government is on the verge of enacting sports betting regulations.

Brazil to regulate sports betting before July 17th

Manssur hinted that the enactment could occur before the parliamentary recess begins on July 17. Speaking at the CONAFUT panel on sports betting regulation, Manssur emphasized the importance of total control and oversight in the regulatory process. He highlighted the need for investment in technology and artificial intelligence to detect and prevent fraudulent bets.

“If we forbid a user to bet on a corner kick here in Brazil, the same user will bet on an international championship. We have to have an operating system that can warn us of possible fraudulent bets in some in-game scout and compare it with the behaviour of the athlete, and as soon as we notice a certain level of probability of fraud, warn the operator to remove this bet.”, said José Manssur.

Government plans to listen all stakeholders

The discussion also focused on the impact of sports betting on Brazilian soccer and measures to prevent result manipulation. The government aims to listen to all stakeholders involved and ensure a comprehensive regulatory framework.

“We listened to the clubs, the CBF, the operators and we listened to the betting associations, but we believe it is important to listen to whoever makes use of this service so that we can have total control and oversight of what we are going to regulate,” added Manssur.