by Mateusz Mazur

Champion Game Studio Expands Reach with First Look Games Partnership

Champion, the game studio renowned for captivating the Eastern European gaming markets, has embarked on a strategic partnership with First Look Games, aiming to amplify the visibility and appeal of its gaming portfolio.

This collaboration signifies a pivotal step for Champion as it ventures into broader horizons, leveraging First Look Games’ cutting-edge platform to enrich affiliate content and engage wider audiences.

Champion’s Strategic Move for Expansion

By aligning with First Look Games, Champion secures a dedicated space to showcase its rich array of slot games, complete with comprehensive game sheets, high-quality logos, vivid images, and engaging videos. This initiative is poised to equip affiliates with a wealth of resources, enabling them to produce detailed and accurate game reviews and previews that resonate with players across diverse markets.

First Look Games stands out for its robust and advanced platform, designed to facilitate seamless access to game assets for its network of approved affiliates. Champion’s decision to utilize this platform is a testament to its commitment to quality and precision in promoting its slots, ensuring that affiliates have everything they need to effectively reach their audiences.

Champion’s Journey of Success and Innovation

Since its inception four years ago, Champion has rapidly ascended to prominence within its core markets, particularly in Ukraine, and has recently made its debut in Romania. With an ambitious roadmap for expansion into additional European territories, Champion continues to innovate, offering a diverse portfolio of 76 games, with the promise of two new exciting releases each month.

Champion boasts a repertoire of popular slots that have garnered acclaim, including titles like Seven’s on Fire +, Aztec Century, and Fruit Party Deluxe, among others. This partnership with First Look Games arrives at an opportune moment, as Champion seeks to reinforce its presence in existing markets and venture into new ones, with a focus on delivering exceptional gaming experiences.

Elliott Resnick, Managing Director at First Look Games, said: “Champion is an incredibly exciting studio that has already achieved great things in a short space of time with games that have hit the mark with players in its core markets.

“We are delighted to be helping Champion take game promotion to the next level at a time when it’s looking to expand into new markets while also strengthening its position in Ukraine and Romania.”

Anton Chumel, CEO at Champion, added: “As we look to make big moves into new markets, we wanted to get behind promoting our games to players and in First Look Games we have the perfect solution for doing this.

“Affiliates have large player audiences keen to know about new game releases, and we have some great titles in the works.”

Our Comment on the Article

The collaboration between Champion and First Look Games marks a significant milestone in Champion’s growth trajectory, highlighting the studio’s proactive approach to market expansion and audience engagement.

By leveraging First Look Games’ platform, Champion not only enhances the visibility of its games but also sets a new standard for affiliate marketing in the iGaming industry. As Champion continues to navigate new markets and introduce innovative titles, this partnership is poised to play a crucial role in shaping the studio’s future success and its contribution to the dynamic world of online gaming.

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