Date: 22.01.2024

by Antoni Majewski

Continent 8 Technologies Welcomes Dave Phillips as VP of Network Amidst Global Expansion

In a significant move to bolster its leadership team, Continent 8 Technologies, a renowned infrastructure provider for the global gambling industry, has appointed Dave Phillips, a former Google executive, as its new Vice President of Network. This appointment comes as the company experiences rapid global expansion.

Dave Phillips’ Appointment

Dave Phillips joins Continent 8 Technologies with a wealth of experience from his 15 years at Google, where he held various leadership roles. As Vice President, Network, his responsibilities will include overseeing operations, build, development, and engineering teams globally. This role is pivotal as Continent 8’s network now encompasses over 100 data center locations across four continents.

The company’s network, which spans more than 30 states in the US and other locations globally, positions Continent 8 as one of the most connected networks in the world. Phillips’ leadership will be instrumental in maintaining and expanding this network, ensuring high-speed, low-latency connectivity for the iGaming industry and beyond.

Leadership and Innovation at the Forefront

Edward O’Connor, Chief Technology Officer at Continent 8 Technologies, praised Phillips’ extensive experience: “Dave is a highly experienced network technologist… Our network is one of the largest and best connected in the business… hiring Dave to lead our global team will help to ensure that we continue to innovate on behalf of customers for the next 25 years.”

Expressing his enthusiasm for the new role, Dave Phillips said: “Continent 8’s connected network is quite simply the backbone of the iGaming industry and I’m thrilled to be joining the company… I’m excited by the extraordinary growth facing Continent 8, further developing our innovative product set and strengthening our position as the infrastructure partner of choice.”

Objective Commentary: Enhancing Continent 8’s Market Position

The appointment of Dave Phillips as VP of Network marks a strategic enhancement for Continent 8 Technologies at a time of significant global growth. His extensive experience and leadership skills, honed at Google, are expected to drive the company’s innovative efforts in network technology.

This move signals Continent 8’s commitment to maintaining its leading position in providing infrastructure to the iGaming industry. As the industry continues to evolve, Phillips’ role will be crucial in navigating the technological advancements and market demands, ensuring Continent 8 remains at the forefront of the global gambling infrastructure sector.