Date: 22.02.2024

by Mateusz Mazur

Cyprus Enhances Player Safety with National Self-Exclusion Platform

In a significant move to promote responsible gambling, Cyprus’ National Betting Authority (NBA) has unveiled the National Self-Exclusion Platform.

This initiative, aligned with the Safer Gambling Strategy 2022-2025, provides players with a robust mechanism to voluntarily exclude themselves from all licensed online betting activities within the Republic of Cyprus.

Comprehensive Self-Exclusion Options

The platform offers various self-exclusion options, ranging from temporary to indefinite periods, ensuring players can tailor their betting hiatus to their personal needs. Upon self-exclusion, players retain the ability to access their accounts solely for the purpose of withdrawing funds, effectively preventing any new account creations with licensed operators.

Ioanna Fiakkou, the President of the NBA, highlighted the platform’s importance as a key tool for fostering safer gambling behaviors and protecting vulnerable individuals. “The platform at this point offers self-exclusion from online betting service providers, but its operation is dynamic and poised to integrate additional functionalities. Thus, we extend a public invitation to all stakeholders to join our efforts for safeguarding society and include specific groups such as athletes in the platform’s operations, in collaboration with relevant federations and governmental bodies, to join the platform.

“Through this collaborative effort, we aim to fortify the fight against match-fixing and enhance transparency in sports, aligning with key objectives outlined in the Authority’s strategic framework.

“We are particularly satisfied to witness the realisation of another significant milestone, as we advance towards achieving the goals set forth in the Safer Gambling Strategy, reinforcing protective measures for the public and fostering the industry’s sustainability in the right direction”

Strategic Milestone in Player Protection

The launch of the National Self-Exclusion Platform marks a critical milestone in Cyprus’ commitment to safeguarding players and promoting a sustainable betting environment. By integrating this platform, the NBA reinforces its dedication to player protection and paves the way for a more responsible and fair betting sector in Cyprus.

Our Comment on the Article

The introduction of the National Self-Exclusion Platform by Cyprus’ National Betting Authority is a commendable step towards enhancing player safety and promoting responsible gambling practices. By providing a centralized and accessible tool for self-exclusion, the NBA addresses the crucial need for player protection while fostering a healthier gambling ecosystem.

This initiative not only benefits individual players but also contributes to the integrity and sustainability of the betting industry in Cyprus. As the platform evolves and expands its reach, it is poised to become an exemplary model for responsible gambling initiatives worldwide.