by Antoni Majewski

Danish Gambling Authority Seeks Industry Input on GoAML Anti-Money Laundering Indicators

The Danish Gambling Authority is calling for input from the gambling industry to enhance the Money Laundering Secretariat’s indicators for money laundering and terrorist financing on the GoAML platform, aiming to bolster efforts against illegal financial activities.

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Collaborative Effort to Strengthen Financial Security

The Danish Gambling Authority is actively seeking contributions from the gambling industry to improve the indicators used in the GoAML system for identifying potential money laundering and terrorist financing activities. This move comes as part of a collaborative effort to make the identification process more effective and relevant, especially within the gambling sector.

Refining GoAML Indicators

Currently, GoAML allows users to select specific indicators when making a notification, one of which is “money laundering through gambling.” This tool serves as an aid both for entities required to report and the Money Laundering Secretariat. Given the industry’s call for more pertinent indicators, the Danish Gambling Authority has engaged in discussions with the Money Laundering Secretariat, which is open to considering new proposals for additional indicators related to money laundering through gambling.

The Danish Gambling Authority encourages industry stakeholders to provide their input on what additional indicators should be included in GoAML. This initiative is a part of the Authority’s commitment to maintaining integrity and transparency within the gambling sector and to combat financial crimes effectively.


This collaborative approach between the Danish Gambling Authority and the gambling industry reflects a proactive stance in enhancing anti-money laundering and counter-terrorism financing measures.

The inclusion of more relevant indicators in GoAML is expected to significantly aid in the early detection and prevention of illegal financial activities, thus safeguarding the integrity of the gambling sector.

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