Date: 29.05.2024

by Adam Dworak

Danish Regulator Updates Game Data Reporting Requirements to Boost Transparency

Last week, Spillemyndigheden, the Danish gambling authority, announced an update to its game data reporting requirements. These changes, set for implementation by 2025, aim to improve the current methods of regulation within the country’s gambling industry for greater transparency and more accurate reports.

Stakeholders Urged to Comment on Significant Reporting Rule Changes by June 10

Stakeholders in the sector have until June 10, 2024, to provide feedback on the proposed changes through a designated contact form on Spillemyndigheden’s website. The regulator will publish the final versions of these updates, along with any possible transition periods, shortly after that date.

Many changes are proposed under this plan, which introduces several significant modifications and additions, as well as various linguistic adjustments aimed at clarifying reporting responsibilities.

Key Changes to Reporting Rules

One major alteration requires fixed odds bets to be treated as separate transactions instead of cumulative figures. Each wager would have its own line in the report sheet, providing more detailed records on all types of bets placed by customers, not just those with variable odds.

Additionally, operators must provide detailed information regarding different types of bets and odds offered by bookmakers. This change includes specific requirements for partially closed bets and spread betting. The rules surrounding how companies handle and report betting exchanges will also be clarified.

Danish Regulator Tightens Reporting Standards for RNG Data and Poker Games

New obligations for reporting Random Number Generator (RNG) data will be introduced for providers offering virtual fixed odds betting. This measure ensures the integrity of such products. Operators will also need to provide detailed documentation on various types of poker games, including tournaments and cash games.

Spillemyndigheden has removed the previous exemption for land-based betting, which allowed operators to omit player identification information. This change aligns land-based betting reporting requirements with those for online betting, following the introduction of compulsory player identification.

New Requirements for Online Casinos and Jackpot Reporting

For online casinos, a new requirement states that a casino session cannot be interrupted in the middle of a move. This rule is accompanied by a detailed definition of what a “move” is, ensuring consistency in reporting casino game sessions. Additionally, operators must now provide test data for jackpots, facilitating better regulatory oversight and ensuring the accuracy of jackpot reporting.

These updated requirements are part of Spillemyndigheden’s ongoing efforts to enhance the regulatory framework governing Denmark’s gambling industry. By introducing these changes, the regulator aims to ensure that the reporting of game data is both comprehensive and transparent, supporting fair and responsible gambling practices across the sector.