Date: 14.02.2024

by Mateusz Mazur

Dmitry Belianin Launches Angel Investment Venture to Innovate iGaming

Dmitry Belianin, a seasoned marketing strategist with a rich history in the betting vertical, has recently announced the launch of his own angel investment company, Belianin.

With a career spanning nearly two decades in the sector, Belianin is poised to bring a wealth of experience and insight to this new venture, which aims to catalyze innovation within the iGaming industry.

Belianin’s Vision for iGaming Disruption

The new investment firm will primarily focus on the development and support of businesses within the affiliation and marketing spheres of iGaming. However, a significant portion of the company’s efforts will also be dedicated to technology investments, acknowledging the critical role that tech plays in the evolving landscape of the gambling industry.

Belianin emphasizes that his company is more than just a fund; it’s a hands-on incubator for high-potential projects in the iGaming space. “It’s me investing in and being hands-on to guide a carefully selected mix of high-potential projects… hence the name,” Belianin stated, underscoring his personal commitment to each investment.

Fostering the Next Generation of iGaming Innovators

Beyond financial investment, Belianin’s mission extends to nurturing the next wave of leaders and groundbreaking projects within the iGaming sector. His approach is characterized by a desire to infuse the industry with innovation, disruption, and a touch of rebellion, mirroring his own professional ethos.

Before embarking on this new journey, Belianin contributed his expertise to PMI, where he held various senior roles, including Chief Marketing Officer for the African region and later expanding his influence to Asian and Latin American markets. His tenure at PMI was marked by significant achievements and growth in these regions, setting the stage for his latest venture.

Our Comment on the Article

Dmitry Belianin’s foray into angel investing represents a significant development for the iGaming industry. With his profound understanding of the market dynamics and a track record of successful leadership, Belianin is well-positioned to make a meaningful impact.

His focus on technology and leadership development aligns with the industry’s needs for continuous innovation and fresh perspectives. As Belianin embarks on this journey, the iGaming community eagerly anticipates the transformative projects and leaders that will emerge from this endeavor.