Date: 02.06.2024

by Maciej Akimow

Last update: 02.06.2024 13:01

Do Online Slot Game Providers Need to Produce So Many Games?

In the world of online slot games, numbers play a crucial role. A developer who can boast of releasing 60 games annually gains more recognition in the eyes of potential clients and business partners than one who releases only 15 titles. But is this quantity-driven strategy really beneficial? Let’s take a closer look.

Reasons for Producing a Large Number of Games

We live in a world where numbers matter a lot. It seems better to show on charts that you produce 60 games a year rather than 15. Comparing this to video game production, where companies like Rockstar Games produce one hit every few years (such as the GTA series), one can see the difference. Fans of these games wait years for new titles, which builds anticipation and excitement. In the world of online slot providers, this approach is impossible, although more innovation and excitement could certainly be introduced before releases.

Sometimes, a renewed version of a game or its seasonal release (e.g., a Christmas edition) can give the game a second life. However, such cases are rare. In practice, mass production often leads to the creation of copies of existing titles, which decreases innovation and creativity in the industry.

The main disadvantage of mass production is the decline in quality. Designers, aiming to release many titles quickly, often draw inspiration from other big games and try to copy them. Meanwhile, innovation and creativity require time. Producing a larger number of games is also more costly in terms of resources, as each game needs to be created and integrated with aggregators and operators.

Importance of Marketing Budgets

A lack of a well-thought-out game promotion strategy is one of the biggest mistakes made by providers. The example of Sweet Bonanza shows that large marketing budgets can bring success. The game needs to be shown to players and operators, sometimes even at the expense of profit in the initial phase after its release. It is worth investing in game promotion by collaborating with operators, affiliates, streamers, and industry media.

Regionalization is essential. It’s not just about adding well-known faces in a given region, but also about referencing local games and patterns. Players in Eastern Europe have different preferences than players in South America. Understanding these differences and adapting games to local markets can bring tangible benefits.

Innovation in Game Production

Innovation is not just about new mechanics or graphics, but primarily about creating new game experiences. New solutions can translate into real business values for operators and producers. In an era where time is the most important currency, the competition for igaming is platforms like Netflix.

Slot game producers face many challenges, including the need to thoroughly research the market they want to operate in. Although this is costly, understanding the specifics of a given market and the preferences of players is crucial for achieving success. It is also worth keeping an eye on new technologies and trends that could change the approach to the production and distribution of online slot games.

In conclusion, mass production of online slot games is not always the best strategy. While numbers can be impressive, quality, innovation, and understanding local markets are key to achieving long-term success.