Date: 25.10.2023

by Mateusz Mazur

Don’t blame the player for the losing coupon! A healthy approach to betting

Responsible gaming is not just about being responsible to yourself. An aspect that is very often neglected in conversations in this area is responsibility to those who make it possible for bookmakers to exist at all. We are talking about athletes, who are increasingly falling victims to unjustified hate from players who release their negative emotions on them, blaming them for a lost coupon.

Sport, emotions and bets

Sports is one of the fields that arouses great emotions in us, and this is perfectly natural. Supporting your favorite teams or players, experiencing victories and defeats – all this makes the sport so exciting.

More and more often, fans who want to add some emotions related to sports events, decide to place bets at the bookmaker. If it doesn’t take the form of addiction, and moreover, bettors are able to control their gambling behavior and control their budget, there is nothing wrong in doing so.

Even if players show a lot of self-control and self-awareness, and their game can be described as responsible, things can still go wrong.

“After losing a match, I receive disgusting messages. Frustrated people lost 10 zlotys and write that they ‘wish me dead'” – the Polish tennis player Jerzy Janowicz confessed in the past.

Most tennis players have to deal with it regularly. The incredible popularity and individual nature of the sport mean that there is a great deal of pressure on the players. They are the only ones responsible for the result.

Tennis is also an extremely popular choice among fans betting at the bookmaker. However, this popularity often turns out to be problematic for the players themselves. For it happens more than once that players who lose their coupon cannot properly control their emotions and the search for the guilty begins. Unfortunately, negative emotions often prevail, and the athletes become scapegoats.

Tennis is a good example of this phenomenon, and the problem of hate speech from bettors is often raised by the athletes themselves. Of course, the best tennis players whose matches are most popular are particularly exposed, but this is not an iron rule at all.

Tennis players playing their matches in less reputable ITF-ranked tournaments are also often blamed for losing coupons. Another Polish tennis player, Daniel Michalski, published on his Instagram the messages he received after his defeat in the first round of the Invest in Szczecin Open.

While these are shocking, they perfectly illustrate the scale as well as the seriousness of this problem.

Tennis is not the only sport in which athletes are exposed to this type of hate. The target of a frustrated player losing his bet can be any professional athlete who, of course, did not blame anything in this whole situation.

This is a serious problem that bookmakers, psychologists and players should discuss extensively. Unfortunately, it seems that so far not enough attention has been paid to this. It’s time to change!

Bad luck to blame, not the athlete

You should understand that athletes never aim to defeat your bet. They compete on the pitch or on the court, giving their best to achieve success. Winning or losing your coupon depends on many factors, such as player form, tactics, match circumstances and even unpredictable events.

You need to know that there are no certain bets in sports. The fact that the odds on a player or team are very low does not at all mean that they cannot suffer defeat. There is no conspiracy or bad will of athletes. Any of them can have a worse day, and his performance can be affected by factors that even self-appointed experts cannot take into account.

There is no reason to direct your negative emotions toward an athlete who probably already feels a big disappointment due to a defeat.

It is worth remembering that athletes also feel pressure and emotions. Insulting them or venting frustrations on them is unfair and unethical. It is the athletes who shape the world of sport and deserve respect for their efforts, regardless of the bets results.

Control your emotions

Unjustified criticism falling on athletes is very often related to other problems plaguing betting players. Insulting players is a signal that the bettor is not able to properly control his emotions.

Player’s game is not responsible, because emotional control is an integral part of responsible gaming. These types of players very often also place bets under the influence of strong emotions.

They are often frustrated by their failure and try to quickly recover lost money, losing even more. This is a road to nowhere, and insulting athletes is a clear signal that the player’s approach to betting matches is not appropriate.

Betting is one of many forms of entertainment that can further enhance the emotions connected with sport. However, it is important that betting remains healthy and responsible. Here are a few iron rules that are really worth following:

Budget management: Set a limit on how much you are willing to spend on betting and follow it. Don’t risk the money you need to live.

Maintaining self-control: Don’t let emotions take the upper hand. If you lose, do not look for the guilty, but rather analyze your approach and betting strategy.

Conversation and support: If you’re having problems with control over your betting, don’t be shy about seeking support from professionals or talking to your relatives about it.

Be responsible

In the world of sports and betting, emotions will always play an important role. However, it is important to treat athletes with respect and understand that the result of our coupon does not depend on them. Betting should be a healthy and responsible form of entertainment, not a reason for aggression or inappropriate behavior.

Remember that sport is a beautiful form of entertainment, which aims to bring joy and emotions. Let us enjoy it while maintaining respect and responsibility toward ourselves and the athletes. Responsible gambling is the key to maintaining that balance.

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