by Antoni Majewski

DoTrust Complete Revolutionizes Financial Risk Checks in Gambling Industry

Department of Trust (DoTrust), an acclaimed provider of financial risk assessments for the gambling sector, has unveiled ‘DoTrust Complete’, a pioneering platform designed to streamline and enhance financial risk checks throughout the entire player journey. This launch marks a significant step forward in ensuring safer gambling practices.

Introduction to DoTrust Complete

DoTrust, renowned for its contributions to safer gambling, has introduced ‘DoTrust Complete’, the industry’s first comprehensive platform aimed at providing seamless end-to-end financial risk assessments. This innovative solution is designed to support gambling operators at every stage of the player journey, offering enhanced financial risk, affordability, AML, and compliance checks without the hassle of engaging multiple service providers.

In a strategic move, DoTrust has onboarded Rank Group plc, a leading name in the UK’s online and land-based gaming scene, as the inaugural customer of ‘DoTrust Complete’. This collaboration underscores the platform’s capability and reliability in meeting the complex needs of major gaming operators.

Addressing Industry Challenges

The gambling industry has long grappled with the challenges of conducting thorough financial risk assessments due to the need to liaise with various service providers.

This fragmentation has led to increased costs, operational complexities, and subpar player experiences, alongside hefty penalties for non-compliance. The anticipated revisions in the UK’s Gambling Act are expected to intensify these challenges by mandating more frequent and detailed vulnerability checks, even for players with lower spending levels.

‘DoTrust Complete’ offers a unified solution, enabling operators to perform all necessary checks through a single platform. Leveraging a mix of public and proprietary data, some of which is new to the gambling sector, the platform facilitates frictionless income and vulnerability assessments. It also allows operators to customize their risk assessment methodologies while ensuring full auditability to meet regulatory standards and maintain operational integrity.

Industry Endorsements

Michael Byrne, COO of DoTrust, expressed his enthusiasm for the platform’s launch, highlighting its timeliness in relation to upcoming regulatory changes. He emphasized the platform’s ability to reduce customer friction and enhance operational efficiency for operators.

Liam Smith, Director of Customer Operations at Rank Interactive, praised ‘DoTrust Complete’ for its specificity to the gambling industry’s needs and its potential to significantly improve customer protection and experience.

Objective Commentary: A Game-Changer for Safer Gambling

The introduction of ‘DoTrust Complete’ represents a pivotal moment for the gambling industry, addressing longstanding issues related to financial risk assessments and regulatory compliance.

By offering a streamlined, all-encompassing platform, DoTrust not only simplifies the compliance process for operators but also sets a new standard for customer safety and satisfaction in gambling. This innovation is a testament to the industry’s ongoing commitment to responsible gambling practices and regulatory adherence, paving the way for a safer and more sustainable gaming environment.

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