Date: 11.01.2024

by Antoni Majewski

Egamingmonitor Unveils Innovative Lottery Data Product to Enhance Market Analysis

Egamingmonitor (EGM), a premier provider of gaming industry data, has introduced a groundbreaking lottery-focused data product. This new offering is poised to revolutionize how operators and suppliers monitor and analyze player behavior and stakes within the industry.

Transformative Insights for the Lottery Industry

EGM’s latest product features cutting-edge dashboards that provide comprehensive insights into various lottery products and providers. These interactive reports are designed to empower decision-makers with unparalleled visibility of market dynamics, facilitating informed decisions in a rapidly evolving sector.

A Comprehensive Dashboard for Multi-Lottery Products

The new offering includes a hub dashboard, a first-of-its-kind tool, enabling stakeholders to evaluate changes in market share for multi-lottery products like Eurojackpot or Powerball. It also provides insights into local draw products and upsell features such as Raffle, Extra, Joker, or Doubleplay.

This innovative product allows users to simulate the impact of various industry best practices, including adjustments to jackpot sizes, draw frequencies, or ball configurations. By understanding how these changes influence sales, operators can strategically adapt their products for maximum effectiveness.

Key Trends Highlighted by EGM

EGM’s new product has revealed several significant trends in the lottery industry during 2023, including:

  • Highest per capita sales of multistate draw products in New York, Portugal, and Ontario.
  • Regions like Delaware, Finland, and Norway showing higher susceptibility to ticket sales increases with larger jackpots.
  • Notable improvement in sales of multistate products by the California Lottery, Svenska Spel, and the Atlantic Lottery in Canada.
  • Lottery operators in Puerto Rico, Arizona, and Austria excelling in promoting add-on products like Jokers, Raffles, Doubleplays, or Extras.

Statement from Kevin Dale, CEO of Egamingmonitor

Kevin Dale, CEO of Egamingmonitor, expressed his enthusiasm: “Last year we launched our bingo product, the year before that was casino and this year it’s the turn of lottery: the oldest and largest gaming sector. We track sales of all draw products from both state and national lottery organizations globally. This allows us to produce interactive reports for both lottery operators and suppliers. Operators can now compare performance to their peers across borders, gaining valuable insights into what products, features, or reconfigurations seem to pay off. Better decisions lead to higher revenues, which ultimately means more money handed over to good causes worldwide too.”

Our Comment on the Article

Egamingmonitor’s launch of this lottery-focused data product marks a significant advancement in the gaming industry’s analytical capabilities. By providing detailed, data-driven insights into player behaviors and market trends, this tool empowers operators and suppliers to make strategic, informed decisions.

The ability to simulate various market scenarios and analyze global trends equips industry players with the knowledge to optimize their offerings, potentially leading to increased revenues and more substantial contributions to good causes. This innovative approach by EGM underscores the ever-growing importance of data analytics in understanding and navigating the complex dynamics of the global gaming industry