Date: 06.03.2024

by Adam Dworak

EGBA Endorses European Parliament’s Approval of New Digital Identity Framework for Enhanced Security

The European Gaming and Betting Association (EGBA) has expressed its support following the European Parliament’s approval of the new European Digital Identity (e-ID) regulation.

This development signifies a considerable leap forward in creating a secure and inclusive digital arena for EU citizens. The e-ID initiative is poised to bring about a fundamental shift in the digital domain by tackling issues related to trust, security, and privacy head-on.

Secure Digital Transactions with e-ID

This landmark decision will equip EU citizens with the means to identify and authenticate themselves online, eliminating the need to depend on commercial entities, a practice that has previously raised numerous concerns about consumer data sharing. The e-ID will stand as a standardized, non-commercial tool, offering enhanced privacy and security. It is set to minimize the risk of identity theft and fraud, fostering consumer and business confidence in digital interactions.

Streamlining Online Verification Processes

For businesses, including gambling operators, the e-ID is a game-changer, promising to slash costs and reduce administrative burdens significantly. By adopting this singular verification system valid across the EU, businesses can eschew expensive commercial database fees, favoring a more economical and efficient alternative. The e-ID’s success hinges on widespread adoption, with its use remaining voluntary for citizens and businesses alike. This gives gambling operators the discretion to integrate the e-ID into their customer verification processes as they see fit.

Maarten Haijer, Secretary General of EGBA, underscored the positive impact of the e-ID, “We welcome the European Parliament’s approval of a unified digital identity framework and are confident that the use of the new e-ID in our sector will lead to a more seamless and trustworthy online experience for players and help to reduce costs and administration for gambling operators. This innovative tool represents an important step towards building a more secure and user-friendly digital ecosystem, aligning with EGBA’s core objectives of promoting integrity, transparency, and a safe, consumer-centric playing environment.”

Our Comment on the e-ID Approval

The European Parliament’s endorsement of the e-ID represents a critical step in advancing a digital environment that is safer, more user-friendly, and in tune with the integrity and transparency values upheld by the EGBA. As we await the formal endorsement by the EU Council of Ministers, the iGaming and gambling industry can anticipate a transformed digital landscape. This new framework not only fortifies the security of online services but also streamlines the user experience, thereby reinforcing a consumer-centric gaming environment. With the e-ID, the future of digital verification looks promising, offering an integral solution for both service providers and users alike.