by Adam Dworak

ELA Games Joins Forces with First Look Games to Boost Slot Promotion

First Look Games, known for its pioneering platform that bridges the gap between game developers and affiliates, has recently welcomed ELA Games into its fold.

This partnership signifies a significant step for ELA Games as it gains access to First Look Games’ advanced promotional tools and dedicated game library space.

Leveraging a Powerful Marketing Platform

With this collaboration, ELA Games can now utilize First Look Games’ sophisticated platform to upload detailed information and assets for each of its games, ensuring a comprehensive presentation to potential players. The First Look Games White Label Client Area offers a customized space for ELA Games to showcase its portfolio to a network of approved affiliates, who in turn will use the provided materials to create engaging previews and reviews for their audiences.

Enhanced Access and Security

The addition of ELA Games’ titles to the First Look Games “Demo Game Server” opens up new opportunities for player engagement, complete with necessary age verification protocols in specific jurisdictions. This ensures compliance while allowing a wider audience to experience ELA’s free-to-play games. The platform’s robust security measures and strict access control guarantee the safe handling of all game assets and information.

Streamlining Game Onboarding

ELA Games is set to launch its first client area powered by First Look Games, designed to streamline the process of game onboarding for operators and casino managers. This strategic move aims to increase visibility and facilitate smoother integration of ELA’s titles into online casinos.

Industry Perspectives

Elliott Resnick, Managing Director at First Look Games, expressed enthusiasm about ELA Games’ decision to leverage their platform. “It’s great to see ELA Games come on board to not only take advantage of our marketing platform but also our cutting-edge client area, taking the promotion of its games to the next level,” he stated. He emphasized the role of affiliates in connecting studios with player communities, highlighting the competitive edge this partnership offers to ELA Games.

Mike Cini, Business Owner of ELA Games, underscored the importance of this collaboration in enhancing their marketing efforts. “First Look Games offers what we need to elevate our marketing activity and leverage the power of affiliates to make more players than ever before aware of our studio and the awesome games that we produce,” Cini remarked. He also noted the value of data and analytics provided by First Look Games, which will offer insights into game performance and player perceptions.

Our Comment on the Collaboration

The alliance between ELA Games and First Look Games marks a pivotal moment in game promotion within the iGaming industry. By tapping into the extensive network and sophisticated promotional tools of First Look Games, ELA Games is poised to elevate its market presence and engage with a broader player base more effectively. This collaboration not only showcases the innovative approaches to marketing in the iGaming sector but also highlights the importance of strategic partnerships in navigating the competitive landscape of online gaming.

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