by Adam Dworak

Entain Announces Leadership Transition with Stella David Set to Take the Helm

Entain, a leading name in the global iGaming industry, is on the brink of a significant leadership transition.

Barry Gibson, who has steered the company as Chair for the past four years, announced his decision to step down from his role and the board by September 2024. The search for a permanent CEO is advancing steadily, with the company expressing confidence in the ongoing process.

Reflecting on a Tenure of Transformation

Gibson’s tenure at Entain has been marked by remarkable achievements and transformative changes. Since joining the board in November 2019 and taking up the chair in February 2020, Gibson has been instrumental in rebranding the company to Entain and resolving a long-standing investigation into its legacy Turkish business.

Under his guidance, the company witnessed a substantial increase in group EBITDA, soaring over 50% to £1bn in 2023, alongside the exponential growth of BetMGM into a $2bn enterprise in the US market.

“It has been a privilege to lead the board of Entain for the past four years, and while I have thoroughly enjoyed my time at this dynamic, exciting and innovative business, I reflected a little while ago that 2024 would be the right time for me to retire,” Gibson shared, reflecting on his decision.

Stella David: A Promising Successor

The board has identified Stella David, a seasoned executive with a deep understanding of Entain’s operations, as Gibson’s preferred successor. Having served as a non-executive director since March 2021 and stepping in as interim CEO in December of the previous year, David’s appointment is a testament to the company’s robust succession planning.

“Barry has been a wonderful mentor and source of wise counsel to so many people during his time as Chair of Entain, and I would like to personally thank him for his unwavering support,” David remarked, acknowledging Gibson’s contribution to the company. She expressed her commitment to driving Entain’s operational strategy forward and her readiness to take over the leadership baton in due course.

Our Comment on the Leadership Transition

The upcoming leadership transition at Entain marks a pivotal moment for the company, reflecting a thoughtful and strategic approach to ensuring continuity and stability in governance. Barry Gibson’s impactful tenure has set a high bar, fostering growth and innovation within the company.

As Stella David prepares to step into the role of Chair, her proven track record and deep insight into Entain’s operations bode well for the company’s future. This transition is not merely a change in leadership but a reaffirmation of Entain’s commitment to excellence, innovation, and responsible growth in the competitive landscape of the iGaming industry.

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