by Mateusz Mazur

Enteractive and BVGroup Partner to Optimize Player Engagement and Conversion

Enteractive, a leader in player conversion and reactivation services, has embarked on a significant collaboration with BVGroup, a prominent operator in sports betting and iGaming.

This partnership is designed to enhance player engagement by converting registered non-funded accounts and reactivating dormant player segments across various BVGroup brands and markets.

Focus on Personalized Player Engagement

Brent Almeida, CCO at BVGroup, highlighted Enteractive’s expertise in tailored player engagement. “Enteractive stands out as the perfect collaborator for engaging player segments that benefit from such a tailored approach, whether that involves converting non-funded registrations or reviving inactive players. The focus will be on specific audience groups that are likely to react more positively to direct and personal interaction, all with the aim of increasing the overall efficiency of our marketing activities across our diverse portfolio of brands and geographic territories.”

Integration with BVGroup’s CRM Strategy

Enteractive’s personalized conversion and reactivation services will be a key component of BVGroup’s CRM strategy, driving incremental revenue from unfunded or churned player segments. This approach underscores the importance of leveraging direct and personal interactions to optimize player engagement and retention.

With over 15 years of experience, Enteractive is renowned in the industry for its effective player activation strategies. Andrew Foster, Chief Business Officer at Enteractive, expressed excitement at partnering with BVGroup, noting the synergy in focusing on untapped revenue channels and enhancing active player bases.

Technology-Driven CRM Approach

Enteractive’s one-to-one approach is powered by its proprietary (Re)Activation Cloud technology platform, enabling seamless integration with selected player databases. The platform employs native-speaking sales agents to engage with players in each market through real-human voice outreach, enhancing the personalization of CRM initiatives.

In the last year, Enteractive interacted with over 8.1 million players, generating substantial revenue for global operators. Their team of native-speaking call agents supports iGaming brands worldwide, converting more than 16,000 players per month for various operators.

Our Comment on the Article

The strategic partnership between Enteractive and BVGroup represents a forward-thinking approach to player engagement in the iGaming industry. By focusing on personalized interactions and leveraging cutting-edge technology, this collaboration aims to revitalize player bases and enhance revenue streams.

Enteractive’s proven track record in player reactivation and BVGroup’s commitment to innovative CRM strategies set the stage for a dynamic and successful partnership. This initiative is a prime example of how tailored engagement and responsible gambling practices can lead to sustainable growth and enhanced player experiences in the digital gaming sector.

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