Date: 15.05.2024

by Adam Dworak

Enteractive and Optimove Forge Strategic Partnership to Enhance Player Engagement and Responsible Gambling

Enteractive announced a strategic partnership with Optimove, the leading CRM Marketing platform for the iGaming sector. The partnership means Enteractive’s expertise in outbound calling for conversion and reactivation of players will complement Optimove’s existing marketing channels suite that includes email, mobile, SMS, in-app messaging, as well as web and mobile push.

Through Enteractive’s unique services, operators are empowered to boost player retention as well as identify and help tackle problematic gambling issues by adding a personal interaction with their players in a seamless integration with Optimove’s holistic Customer-Led Marketing approach.

Enhancing Player Retention and Addressing Problematic Gambling

Enteractive helps iGaming operators improve player retention, increase customer lifetime value, enhance overall profitability, and tackle problematic gambling issues in a personal, first-hand manner using personalized communication and customer engagement strategies facilitated by a robust technology platform, from dialing to deposit confirmation.

For example, an operator can activate Enteractive’s outbound calls channel for two key purposes:

  1. Reactivating Lapsed Players: Enteractive can reactivate players who have lapsed as part of their holistic, orchestrated CRM marketing strategy.
  2. Addressing Problematic Gambling: This service empowers operators to identify players who display signs of problematic gambling behavior, often triggered by specific events. It also provides problem players with personal, hands-on advice to help them manage their gambling habits.

Strategic Insights from Industry Leaders

“Sometimes you need a bit of human touch,” said Dan De Souza, Director of iGaming Partnerships at Optimove. “We’re thrilled to kick off this strategic partnership with Enteractive. This new marketing channel represents a significant addition, offering operators an impactful avenue to rekindle connections with inactive players and bolster their efforts in addressing problematic gambling issues more effectively.”

“Addressing player churn is a pivotal marketing challenge within the iGaming industry, and this partnership marks a significant step forward in empowering operators to address this challenge effectively,” said Pedram Padidar, Enteractive COO. “Our service aligns perfectly with the capabilities of Optimove’s comprehensive all-in-one CRM Marketing platform. Combining Enteractive’s well-established services with Optimove’s advanced CRM marketing functionalities provides a formidable marketing tool that spares no resource in reactivating churned players.”

Benefits of the Partnership

The collaboration between Enteractive and Optimove is set to offer several key benefits to iGaming operators:

  • Increased Player Retention: By integrating Enteractive’s outbound calling service, operators can more effectively re-engage lapsed players, increasing overall player retention rates.
  • Enhanced Customer Lifetime Value: Personalized communication strategies ensure that players feel valued, which in turn enhances their loyalty and increases their lifetime value to the operator.
  • Effective Problem Gambling Management: The ability to identify and personally address problematic gambling behaviors helps operators foster a safer gambling environment, thereby reducing the risk of harm to their players and improving regulatory compliance.

Seamless Integration for Improved Marketing Efforts

Enteractive’s services integrate seamlessly with Optimove’s CRM platform, creating a unified approach to player engagement. This integration allows for real-time data synchronization, ensuring that outbound calling campaigns are informed by the latest player activity and behavioral insights. This holistic approach enables operators to deliver highly targeted and personalized interactions that drive engagement and loyalty.

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