Date: 03.10.2023

by Mateusz Mazur

Last update: 25.11.2023 10:47

Enteractive Teams Up with Resorts Digital Gaming for Enhanced Player Engagement in New Jersey

Enteractive, a renowned player reactivation and retention expert in the sports betting and iGaming industry, has entered into a strategic partnership with Resorts Digital Gaming, a leading US operator.

This collaboration aims to run effective campaigns in licensed US jurisdictions, particularly in New Jersey.

Unlocking the Potential

The partnership between Enteractive and Resorts Digital Gaming will bring Enteractive’s award-winning campaigns to the Resorts and Mohegan Sun brands in New Jersey. The key focus of these campaigns will be twofold: activating registered non-funded player accounts (RNFs) to reduce registration churn and launching reactivation campaigns to re-engage lapsed players.

Enteractive will leverage its cutting-edge (Re)Activation Cloud platform to execute these campaigns effectively. Skilled Enteractive agents will engage players through one-on-one phone conversations, adding a personal touch to the interaction. This approach complements Resorts’ existing customer relationship management (CRM) efforts and aligns with responsible gambling best practices.

A Positive Outlook

Ed Andrewes, CEO at Resorts, expressed his enthusiasm for the collaboration, stating “Our team is extremely excited about collaborating with Enteractive and their innovative player engagement strategies. This partnership will set us apart from our competitors and show our players that we value the experience they have with Resorts Digital Gaming. We’re excited to see the positive outcomes of this joint effort.”

Andrew Foster, Chief Business Development Officer at Enteractive, added “Our primary goal is to facilitate direct communication between iGaming companies and their players using genuine one-on-one interactions. With the aid of our highly skilled team of local U.S. call agents, we are certain that Resorts can increase their results in player conversions and reactivations.”

Enteractive’s native-speaking call agents cater to iGaming brands across various time zones. In 2022 alone, they engaged with over 6.5 million players, generating over €51 million for global operators.

In conclusion, Foster stated that brands looking to enhance player experiences and increase financial gains will find Enteractive’s sustainable, personalized approach to be the secret sauce they’ve been searching for. This partnership between Enteractive and Resorts Digital Gaming holds the promise of reshaping the iGaming landscape in New Jersey and beyond.