Date: 10.06.2024

by Adam Dworak

European Lotteries Unveil Vision for Sustainable and Responsible Gaming

The organization aims to work with the European Parliament to find a balance between the interests of stakeholders and the protection of consumers.

The European Lotteries (EL) stands as the foremost association representing Europe’s lottery and gambling sector. Their recently unveiled manifesto emphasizes a sustainable gaming model, underscoring the long-standing tradition of lotteries contributing to public welfare.

This manifesto presents a comprehensive framework aimed at promoting accountability and ensuring the industry remains thriving and responsible amidst rapid technological advancements.

Historical Significance of Lotteries in Europe

The manifesto sheds light on the integral role lotteries have played in European society since 1441. The first lottery model in Bruges, Belgium, utilized proceeds from prize games to fund public projects.

This tradition has continued across all EU member states, with lotteries maintaining a steadfast commitment to the common good. Remarkably, in 2022 alone, EL members generated over €22 billion ($23.66 billion) for societal causes. “This unique model and the important societal role lotteries play deserve to be safeguarded at both national and EU level.”

Regulatory Framework and Responsible Gaming

EL members recognize the unique risks associated with gambling, necessitating stringent government oversight. The manifesto argues that these inherent issues justify why lotteries remain regulated on a national level, allowing countries to set their own rules independently.

European lotteries operate under strict national licensing and legal requirements, including robust anti-money laundering and anti-terrorist-financing measures, alongside responsible gaming policies.

Maximizing Positive Social Impact

The EL manifesto outlines several critical focus points designed to enhance the positive social impact of lotteries while mitigating potential harms. Key among these is fostering collaboration with EU institutions to preserve the historical traditions and principles of lotteries. The EL also calls on policymakers to include lotteries in the future social taxonomy, ensuring fair access to investors and insurers.

Combating illegal operators and addressing the potential misuse of AI technology are highlighted as priorities. These efforts must align with responsible advertising practices that direct users toward regulated solutions.

Another vital consideration is sports integrity, with the EL condemning manipulative practices and urging all EU member states to support the Council of Europe’s Convention on the Manipulation of Sports Competitions. “EL stands for the sound and sustainable lottery model for the benefit of society, based on the values of forward-thinking, responsibility, and integrity.”

Advocating for Balanced Regulation

The manifesto reflects EL’s advocacy for a balanced regulatory approach, recognizing the unique nature of gambling services. Lotteries firmly support this balanced regulatory framework, appreciating the justified restrictions imposed for public interest. Their goal is to achieve a sustainable gaming model that prioritizes public benefit, responsible gaming, and effective regulation.