by Mateusz Mazur

FanDuel Expands Portfolio with Strategic Acquisition of BeyondPlay

FanDuel, a titan in the US online gaming sector, marks a significant stride in its growth trajectory by acquiring BeyondPlay, a budding jackpot and multiplayer gaming provider founded by industry veteran Karolina Pelc.

This acquisition heralds a new chapter in FanDuel’s quest to enrich its iGaming offerings.

Leadership and Vision

BeyondPlay, under the stewardship of Karolina Pelc and her seasoned team, including Jacqui Gatt and Alison Lowell, has carved a niche in the gaming industry with its innovative products. This merger promises to leverage their expertise to enhance FanDuel Casino’s gaming experience.

The integration of BeyondPlay’s acclaimed jackpot management system and social gaming product into FanDuel Casino’s platform is set to redefine the iGaming landscape, offering players an unparalleled gaming session that is both engaging and communal.

Expanding Reach

With licenses across key jurisdictions, including the UK, Malta, Ontario, and Sweden, BeyondPlay’s addition to FanDuel’s portfolio not only broadens its product range but also strengthens its position in the global gaming market.

FanDuel’s strategic acquisition of BeyondPlay aligns with its ambitious expansion plans in the iGaming sector, aiming to build on its already impressive market share and further cement its status as a leading online gaming operator in the US.

Our Comment on the Article

FanDuel’s acquisition of BeyondPlay is a testament to its forward-looking vision and commitment to providing an unmatched gaming experience. By embracing innovation and fostering talent, FanDuel is poised to set new benchmarks in the iGaming industry. This collaboration underscores the importance of strategic partnerships in driving growth and enhancing the gaming ecosystem for players around the globe.

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