by Antoni Majewski

Farewell to London: Merkur Group Shines Bright at Final ICE Expo

The curtains have closed on a decade-long chapter as the international gaming community bid adieu to London’s ExCeL Center, marking the final iteration of the renowned ICE trade fair. Merkur Group, a stalwart in the industry, seized the spotlight with a dazzling display of innovation and expertise, setting the stage for an exciting new era as the expo relocates to Barcelona.

The end of an era: Reflections on ICE in London

For over ten years, ICE and ExCeL formed an inseparable duo, serving as the nexus for global gaming innovation and collaboration. With a bittersweet sentiment, Jürgen Stühmeyer, Merkur Sales Management Board member, reminisced on the countless milestones achieved and friendships forged during the London expos. The transition to Barcelona signals a new chapter, brimming with untapped potential and opportunities for growth.

Unveiling the Future: Merkur Group’s Showcase

Merkur Group left an indelible impression at the final ICE expo in London, unveiling a diverse array of groundbreaking products and services. Among the highlights was the Mod Ex, Merkur Gaming’s flagship cabinet boasting unparalleled modularity and customization options. The introduction of the Zonic Curved cabinet and Linked Progressives garnered widespread acclaim, promising immersive gaming experiences for enthusiasts.

Beyond Merkur Gaming, subsidiaries of the Merkur Group captivated attendees with their innovative offerings. From adp Merkur’s exclusive insights into the German market to Blueprint Operations’ stylish Alpha Curve housing, each division showcased its commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction. Merkur eSolutions provided a glimpse into the future of online gaming, seamlessly bridging the gap between traditional and digital realms with cutting-edge solutions like Paylado e-wallet.

Looking Ahead: Embracing the Future

As the curtain falls on ICE in London, Merkur Group stands poised on the brink of a promising future. Athanasios “Sakis” Isaakidis, Chief Executive International at Merkur Gaming, expressed confidence in the company’s trajectory, fueled by the overwhelming reception of their latest innovations. With anticipation mounting for next year’s ICE in Barcelona, Merkur Group remains steadfast in its commitment to delivering unparalleled gaming experiences.

Objective Commentary

The swan song of ICE in London marked the end of an era for the global gaming community, with Merkur Group shining brightly amidst the farewell festivities.

Their innovative products and unwavering dedication to customer satisfaction reaffirm their status as industry leaders. As the spotlight shifts to Barcelona, the industry eagerly anticipates the next chapter in the evolution of gaming expos, guided by the trailblazing spirit of companies like Merkur Group.

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