Date: 19.01.2024

by Antoni Majewski

Fast Track and Signe Launch Innovative Mentorship Pilot to Empower Women in Tech

Fast Track, a key CRM provider in the iGaming industry, collaborates with Signe, a women-focused mentorship platform, in a groundbreaking pilot project aimed at propelling women into leadership roles through mentorship and professional development.

A Revolutionary Collaboration for Women’s Empowerment

Fast Track, renowned in the iGaming industry for its CRM solutions, has embarked on a novel partnership with Signe, a mentorship platform designed for women. This pilot project, a first of its kind, is tailored to connect emerging female leaders with seasoned mentors across various industries, fostering opportunities for professional growth and leadership development.

This collaboration offers dual benefits. Women at Fast Track gain access to mentors, enriching their professional journey with diverse insights. Conversely, Fast Track’s seasoned SaaS professionals provide critical feedback to refine Signe’s BETA version, enhancing its effectiveness. In the tech sector, where women’s representation remains low, mentorship is crucial. Signe’s research underscores this, revealing that 70% of women consider mentorship essential for career support, and 74% with mentors rarely feel lost professionally.

Fast Track’s Commitment to Gender Equality

Fast Track’s involvement in this project aligns with its dedication to creating a psychologically safe and equitable workplace. The company strives to ensure equal rights and opportunities across genders. Impressively, 80% of women at Fast Track have engaged with the Signe platform, reporting significant benefits from these mentorship experiences.

Jenny Arnell, Chief People Officer at Fast Track, expressed admiration for Signe’s founders and their shared values of innovation and impact. “Fast Track has been a pioneer…Signe is dedicated to fostering a more equitable workplace,” Arnell stated, highlighting the synergistic nature of this collaboration.

Jeanna Rutterhill, CEO and co-founder of Signe, noted the positive business response to their platform since its launch in May 2023. She emphasized the high demand for female mentorship and its recognition as a critical career support system.

Personal Experiences and Future Aspirations

Rebecka Frisell Cramfelt, Head of User Adoption at Fast Track, shared her enriching experience with a mentor, noting the invaluable insights gained. This pilot project between Fast Track and Signe is more than just a collaboration; it’s a beacon of hope and a step towards a more inclusive and empowering tech industry, particularly for women.

It signifies a collective effort to nurture talent and break barriers, setting a precedent for others to follow in supporting women’s advancement in tech and beyond.