by Antoni Majewski

Fasttoken’s First Anniversary: Revolutionizing iGaming with a Year of Remarkable Growth

As Fasttoken (FTN) celebrates its first anniversary, it’s clear that this native currency of the Bahamut blockchain and BetConstruct’s utility token has revolutionized the iGaming landscape. With significant achievements and innovative integrations, Fasttoken has established a new standard in the world of digital gaming and cryptocurrency.

A Year of Exponential Growth

Fasttoken’s journey over the past year has been nothing short of extraordinary. Boasting around 500,000 FTN holders and a circulating supply exceeding 300 million FTN, the token has showcased massive organic growth. Its recognition as one of the top 15 cryptocurrencies on CoinGecko further cements its position in the digital currency space.

BetConstruct, a leading name in iGaming solutions, has played a pivotal role in integrating FTN with its advanced platforms. This integration has enhanced security, transparency, and user anonymity in gaming. The B.F.T.H. Arena Best FTN Game Awards is a prime example, attracting over 50 game providers to develop FTN-based games, competing for a substantial prize pool.

Ortak: A New Investment Frontier

The Ortak initiative is a groundbreaking concept allowing casino game developers to sell NFT slots through an IPO. This approach opens new investment opportunities, allowing individuals to invest in game shares, showcasing the versatility of Fasttoken in the gaming industry.

Fasttoken’s integration extends across various innovative products:

  • Decentralised Casino Platform (DECA): A blockchain-based platform ensuring fair gaming with verifiable RNG and FastChannels technology.
  • Crypto Solution: Integrates digital currencies with BetConstruct’s renowned iGaming platform.
    Multi-Wallet: Seamlessly manages cryptocurrency and traditional fiat currencies within a unified account.
  • Custom Token: Provides partners with the tools to develop personalized tokens on Bahamut, complete with legal services and listing guidance.

Future Endeavors and Industry Impact

Fasttoken’s success in its first year sets a high bar for the future of iGaming and cryptocurrency integration. Its impact on the industry is undeniable, demonstrating potential for continued growth and innovation.

Fasttoken’s Industry Significance

Fasttoken’s first anniversary marks a significant milestone in the integration of blockchain technology with iGaming. Its rapid growth and adoption reflect a growing trend towards the tokenization of the gaming industry, offering enhanced security, transparency, and new investment opportunities.

As Fasttoken continues to evolve, its influence on both the cryptocurrency and gaming sectors is likely to expand, paving the way for more innovative solutions and broader adoption in the digital world. The upcoming ICE iGaming Global Event in London presents an excellent opportunity for businesses to explore partnerships with BetConstruct and delve deeper into the possibilities offered by Fasttoken

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