by Mateusz Mazur

FDJ Embraces Humor in New Campaign Highlighting Responsible Gaming Rules

The French gaming group FDJ (Française des Jeux) has launched a new television campaign on Monday, January 15th, emphasizing the importance of setting rules in gaming.

Aligning with its role as an Official Partner of the Paris 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games, FDJ immerses itself in the sports world for its latest initiative on preventing excessive gaming and underage gambling.

The Essence of the Campaign

This unique campaign humorously twists the norms of a sports competition to underline the significance of knowing the rules, both in sports and in gambling. FDJ’s initiative serves as a reminder of three key principles for responsible gaming: being over 18 years old, setting a budget, and monitoring gaming habits, supported by tools provided by the group.

Annually, FDJ dedicates 10% of its total advertising budget to campaigns promoting awareness about excessive gaming and prohibiting underage gambling.

Creative Approach

Developed by the Romance agency, the campaign includes three 30-second comedies. Each spot features a sport in which a member of the “FDJ Sport Factory” collective, established in 2020, excels. The athletes featured are judoka Romane Dicko, para table tennis player Alexandra Saint-Pierre, and fencer Ysaora Thibus.

The ads humorously depict sports commentators unaware of the rules, delivering absurd commentary that contrasts sharply with the on-screen action. The humorous approach, successfully employed in FDJ’s 2022 “Les règles du joueur” campaign, has proven effective in capturing public attention and encouraging them to explore FDJ’s preventive tools.

Each film aims to highlight the importance of adhering to the three rules for a recreational approach to gambling. The films conclude with a preventive message: “In sports, it’s better to know the rules. The same goes for gambling.”

Our Comment on the Article

FDJ’s innovative campaign blending humor with serious messages about responsible gambling demonstrates a creative approach to raising public awareness. The campaign’s engaging format, focusing on popular sports and familiar faces, effectively communicates the essential principles of safe gambling practices.

FDJ’s commitment to responsible gaming, particularly in the context of the upcoming Paris 2024 Olympics, reinforces its role as a socially responsible leader in the gaming industry. This campaign sets a positive example for how gaming organizations can promote healthy gambling habits while keeping the audience entertained and informed.

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