by Mateusz Mazur

Finnplay Launches Mobile Gaming Apps for Dutch and Hungarian Markets

Finnplay, a Nordic iGaming platform provider, has made a significant stride in the online gaming industry by simultaneously launching two mobile apps targeting the Dutch and Hungarian markets.


These apps, designed for Kansino.nl and Vegas.hu, showcase Finnplay’s technical expertise and adaptability across different regulatory environments.

Technical Mastery and Strategic Launch

The dual launch of these apps is a testament to Finnplay’s exceptional technical capabilities and deep understanding of the iGaming sector’s multi-jurisdictional landscape.

Finnplay has demonstrated its proficiency in native app development for both Android and iOS platforms, capitalizing on the increasing popularity of mobile gaming.

By soft-launching the apps over the summer, Finnplay has strategically positioned its partners to maximize the benefits of mobile gaming and support their business expansion objectives.

Expert Comments

Jaakko Soininen, Managing Director of Finnplay, expressed pride in these achievements: “These two game-changing launches in Hungary and the Netherlands underline Finnplay’s stature as an iGaming powerhouse. Our work with Kansino and LVC Diamond demonstrates our ability to operate seamlessly across diverse markets and regulatory landscapes.”

LVC Online Director Dr. Egresits Csaba commented on the collaboration with Finnplay: “Finnplay’s fine work has produced a cutting-edge app that gives us the ideal platform to launch our sportsbook offering. It’s been a pleasure working closely with Finnplay and we have the utmost confidence in the tech to ensure we continue to grow our business.”

Daphne Xerri, Director of Product & CX at Playnorth, the company behind Kansino, highlighted the user experience: “Our mission is providing players with the best experience possible whether they are playing on desktop or mobile. Finnplay has created the perfect app that guarantees a seamless experience across all formats.”

Our Comment on the Article

The simultaneous launch of mobile apps for the Dutch and Hungarian markets by Finnplay is a clear indication of the company’s innovative approach and its commitment to expanding the reach of iGaming.

These launches not only reinforce Finnplay’s position as a leader in the industry but also signify a milestone in offering an enhanced gaming experience.

By prioritizing user experience and technical excellence, Finnplay has set a new standard in the mobile gaming sector. This move is a strategic step towards meeting the evolving demands of the modern gamer and solidifying the presence of Finnplay’s partners in the global iGaming arena.

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