Date: 23.08.2023

by Mateusz Mazur

Football Association Investigates Lucas Paquetá for Betting Allegations

Football Association Investigates Lucas Paquetá for Betting Allegations iGamingExpress

Lucas Paquetá, the midfielder for West Ham United, finds himself under scrutiny as the Football Association investigates possible breaches of betting regulations.

Lucas Paquetá under scrunity 

Sources close to Paquetá express surprise at the investigation, stressing that he has not been accused of placing bets. However, reports reveal that the investigation centres on a wager Paquetá supposedly placed on receiving a yellow card during West Ham’s match against Aston Villa in March.

The player did receive a yellow card for a challenge on John McGinn during the said match. The Brazilian outlet Globo reported that multiple new Betway accounts were created on that day, all making matched bets with the condition that Paquetá would need to earn a yellow card against Villa for the authors to receive the winnings.

In-Game Incidents Under Scrutiny

The Daily Mail adds that the investigation pertains to wagers made in Brazil and focuses on in-game incidents rather than the outcomes of West Ham’s matches. The exact nature of these incidents remains undisclosed, and while authorities have yet to formally question Paquetá, he has already denied any wrongdoing. It is anticipated that he will seek legal counsel from his team as the inquiry progresses.

Lucas Paquetá’s promising career trajectory and potential transfer to Manchester City face uncertainty as the investigation into his betting activities unfolds. While Paquetá denies any misconduct, the allegations have cast a shadow over his prospects, prompting a closer examination of the relationship between football and gambling. As the situation develops, stakeholders in the football community will keenly follow the outcome of the investigation and its implications for the player and the sport as a whole.