by Antoni Majewski

French Regulator Issues Warning Against Illegal Online Casinos Promoted on Facebook

The French National Gaming Authority (ANJ) has issued a stern warning about the surge of illegal online casinos on Facebook, employing deceptive practices to entice users. This advisory underscores the regulator’s ongoing efforts to safeguard individuals from the perils of unauthorized online gambling activities.

Deceptive Tactics Unveiled

Illicit operators have developed a consistent strategy, creating fake Facebook user accounts to distribute images and logos that mimic those of legitimate French casino establishments, frequently accompanied by the term “Online Casino.” These counterfeit visuals lead users to bogus mobile app download pages on platforms like APPLE STORE or GOOGLE PLAY, which then direct them to unlawful gambling sites.

ANJ’s Proactive Measures

The ANJ stresses that online casino operations are not permitted within French borders and encourages the public to report any related advertisements they encounter. The authority’s diligent surveillance has led to the reporting of approximately 400 URLs to META, Facebook’s parent company, resulting in the termination of 137 user accounts linked to these illegal activities.

Participating in illegal gambling can expose players to various risks, including but not limited to:

  • Non-payment of winnings
  • Payment fraud
  • Unauthorized collection of personal data
  • Potential installation of malicious software
  • Lack of legal protection in disputes

Ensuring Legal Online Betting

The ANJ advises individuals to verify the legality of gambling sites before placing bets. Only sites listed by the ANJ or those part of the FDJ’s online lottery offerings are considered legal. Betting on any site not included in the ANJ’s approved list places individuals at risk of engaging in illegal activities.

This warning from the French regulator highlights the importance of vigilance and responsible online behavior, especially in the context of online gambling, to ensure the safety and security of all participants.

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