Date: 02.05.2024

by Kajetan Sawicz

Last update: 08.05.2024 11:56

Future Anthem and Blueprint Gaming Revolutionize Jackpot with Amplifier AI

Future Anthem, an AI and data science provider, has unveiled a groundbreaking jackpot extension to its Amplifier AI product. This tool, dubbed the Audience Identifier, was launched in collaboration with Blueprint Gaming and their Jackpot King games.

Real-Time Personalization at Its Finest

Amplifier AI’s Audience Identifier marks a significant advancement in gaming technology, allowing operators to engage players with personalized jackpot marketing messages in real-time.

By continuously monitoring jackpot pot sizes and player engagement points, Audience Identifier adeptly creates targeted player groups. These groups are then engaged through dynamic, real-time communications via third-party messaging and CRM systems, enhancing both on-site and off-site player experiences.

Streamlined Setup for Rapid Deployment

Remarkably, this sophisticated technology can be implemented and operational in under four weeks. It integrates seamlessly into Blueprint Gaming’s renowned portfolio of Jackpot King titles, tailoring messages to individual player preferences and game specifics.

Blueprint Gaming’s Jackpot King series, featuring popular titles such as Bankin’ More Bacon Jackpot King and The Goonies Jackpot King, benefits immensely from this technological enhancement.

From Sports Betting to Casino Innovations

Initially developed for the sports betting sector, where it was used by major operators like William Hill to target audiences based on real-time betting behavior, the Audience Identifier’s extension to casino games represents a significant mark.

This strategic expansion demonstrates the versatility and potential of Future Anthem’s AI-driven tools in enhancing customer engagement across different gambling sectors.

Executive Insights

Chris Conroy, Chief Data and Product Officer at Future Anthem, expressed his enthusiasm for the project, stating, “This is a perfect example of Anthem’s commitment to innovation and excellence in AI-driven marketing solutions that improve player experiences, building on the strong foundations of successfully working with Blueprint for over three years.”

Echoing this sentiment, Thomas O’Halleran, Director of Operations at Blueprint Gaming, highlighted the strategic benefits of the integration: “Blueprint Gaming is driven to provide great player experiences. Our integration with this new audience innovation product provides an industry-leading approach to real-time player engagement. It will also leverage Blueprint’s Jackpot King portfolio and provide a personalised player utility to enhance the entertainment delivered by the gameplay.”