by Antoni Majewski

Future Anthem Welcomes John Atkinson as VP of Business Development for the Americas

Future Anthem, a trailblazer in AI and data science for the iGaming sector, is excited to announce John Atkinson as the new Vice President of Business Development for the Americas. In his new role, Atkinson will spearhead the company’s commercial initiatives across the Americas, focusing on the promotion and sale of Future Anthem’s AI-powered product suite.

A Veteran in the iGaming and Media Industry

John Atkinson brings to Future Anthem a rich background in the North American betting and gaming industry, complemented by significant experience in sports media. His most recent position as Vice President of Business Development – Casino at FanDuel, along with prior senior roles at 888 and Genius Sports, positions him as a key asset for Future Anthem’s expansion in the Americas. Atkinson’s expertise is further enhanced by his tenure at leading sports media companies like ESPN and Fox Sports.

Driving Personalization Through AI

Leigh Nissim, CEO of Future Anthem, emphasized the importance of leveraging AI for personalizing player experiences to enhance loyalty and engagement, particularly as the American interactive markets evolve towards a greater focus on profitability and ROI. “The race to real-time personalization is well and truly underway,” Nissim stated, highlighting the critical role of AI in achieving these goals.

Nissim expressed enthusiasm for Atkinson’s appointment, noting, “He will be a huge boost to Anthem thanks to his extensive experience in the industry and deep understanding of US operators. We look forward to further embedding real-time AI across the US and creating long-term working relationships throughout the region.”

Atkinson’s Vision for Future Anthem

John Atkinson shared his excitement about his new role, recognizing the pivotal moment to join Future Anthem as it leads in AI and real-time personalization. “I am thrilled to be joining Future Anthem – a leader in AI and real-time personalization. I look forward to leading Future Anthem in the Americas as we bring our first-class products to partners across the region,” Atkinson remarked, expressing his readiness to contribute to the company’s objectives.

Impact of Future Anthem’s AI Solutions

Future Anthem’s AI technology has a proven track record of aiding operators in revenue growth, with personalized bonuses seeing an average increase of 10% in NGR and personal recommendations driving 300% higher engagement. Atkinson’s leadership is set to further enhance the delivery and impact of these AI-driven solutions across the Americas.


John Atkinson’s appointment as VP of Business Development for the Americas marks a significant milestone for Future Anthem in its mission to revolutionize the iGaming industry with AI and data science. His extensive experience and strategic vision are poised to drive Future Anthem’s growth and reinforce its position as a leader in AI-driven personalization and engagement solutions in the iGaming sector.

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