Date: 15.09.2023

by Mateusz Mazur

Gambling Commission Establishes Industry Forum to Enhance Operator Engagement

The UK Gambling Commission has taken a significant step towards fostering closer collaboration with the gambling industry by announcing the establishment of an Industry Forum.

UK Gambling Commission Establishes Industry Forum to Enhance Operator Engagement

Comprising members from various segments of Britain’s gambling sector, this forum is designed to facilitate an open dialogue between regulators and operators, allowing for a deeper understanding of industry perspectives.

The Role of the Industry Forum

The primary objective of the Industry Forum is to provide the Gambling Commission with valuable insights and perspectives from within the gambling industry. Marcus Boyle, Chair of the Commission, emphasized the importance of this initiative, stating that they have always valued the input of industry stakeholders. However, the Industry Forum will serve as an additional channel through which the Commission can engage with those it regulates.

The Industry Forum will address a range of key topics, including account management, consultation processes, and the Commission’s data program. These discussions will enable industry representatives to offer their expertise and opinions, contributing to the development of evidence-based regulations.

Forum Composition and Recruitment

To ensure a comprehensive representation of the gambling sector, the Gambling Commission will appoint a Chair for the Forum, serving a three-year term. Additionally, approximately ten members from various gambling sectors will be selected. Recruitment for the Chair position is set to commence in September, coinciding with the invitation for expressions of interest from potential members. The Commission is committed to transparency, and details of the Forum’s members and their advice will be publicly available on their website.

In summary, the establishment of the Industry Forum by the UK Gambling Commission marks a proactive effort to engage with the gambling industry and gather diverse perspectives. This collaborative approach aims to inform evidence-based decision-making and further enhance the regulation of the sector.

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