by Antoni Majewski

GameBeat Launches “One Follower – One Euro” Challenge to Support GambleAware and Responsible Gaming

In a bold move towards responsible gaming, GameBeat is introducing the “One Follower – One Euro” challenge on Instagram, pledging to donate one euro to GambleAware for every new subscriber gained on their account.

Promoting Responsible Gaming

GameBeat, a proponent of responsible gaming, aims to ensure that the thrill of gambling remains a form of entertainment rather than a source of addiction.

The challenge underscores their commitment to the well-being of players by contributing to GambleAware, a leading charity dedicated to preventing gambling harm through education, prevention, and early intervention.

The Challenge Details

Starting from February 23rd to March 22nd, GameBeat’s “One Follower – One Euro” challenge invites Instagram users to join in supporting a safer iGaming industry. Every Friday, GameBeat will provide an official count of new subscribers on their Instagram account, accompanied by proofs of the corresponding money transfers to GambleAware.

GambleAware, recognized as the leading independent charity in the field, actively works towards minimizing gambling harm. By participating in this challenge, GameBeat contributes directly to initiatives that prioritize player safety and awareness.

The Importance of Responsible Gaming

Given the challenges of identifying players in the online realm, GameBeat emphasizes the significance of implementing advanced identity verification, authentication, and AML screening solutions.

These measures ensure that online gaming is as secure and responsible as its physical counterpart.

As of today, GameBeat already boasts 1124 subscribers, highlighting the initial success of the challenge. The colorful and engaging slots offered by GameBeat are intended for entertainment, and the challenge aims to reinforce this message while fostering a sense of community responsibility within the iGaming industry.

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