by Antoni Majewski

Games Global and Betsson Group Elevate Live Casino Gaming Experience

Games Global, a prominent player in the online gaming content arena, has taken a significant leap in its partnership with Betsson Group. This enhanced collaboration is set to revolutionize live casino experiences, marking a new era in the online gaming industry.

OnAir Entertainment™, Games Global’s chosen studio for live casino and game shows, is at the forefront of this venture. Known for their reputation in creating engaging live gaming experiences, OnAir Entertainment™ now aligns its expertise with Betsson Group’s renowned online gaming presence. This synergy is poised to offer players innovative live casino content, including the upcoming unique game show Travel Fever™, alongside established classics like Blackjack, Roulette, Auto Roulette, and more.

A Shared Vision for Superior Customer Experience

The partnership embodies a shared vision for excellence in customer experience. Betsson Group’s diverse multi-brand strategy and its footprint across various markets resonate well with OnAir Entertainment™’s commitment to exceeding player expectations. This collaboration signifies a harmonious blend of market reach and innovative gaming solutions.

Industry Leaders Voice Their Optimism

Julie Allison, Chief Revenue Officer at Games Global, commented on this strategic partnership, stating, “Teaming up with Betsson Group is a testament to Games Global’s commitment to offering a high-quality product and advancing live gaming offerings. Together, we are crafting an experience that not only excites players but also sets a new standard for industry collaboration and support.”

Echoing this sentiment, Chellyanne Cassar, Live Casino Manager at Betsson Group, remarked, “We are excited about this partnership with OnAir Entertainment™, a collaboration that promises to benefit Betsson Group and our players. Gaining access to OnAir Entertainment™’s entire live casino game portfolio represents a remarkable leap forward for us.”

Setting New Benchmarks in Live Casino Gaming

This strategic partnership between Games Global and Betsson Group heralds a new chapter in live casino gaming. It showcases how collaborations can create enriched gaming experiences, combining diverse portfolios and technological innovation.

Our Comment on the Article

The enhanced partnership between Games Global and Betsson Group, leveraging OnAir Entertainment™’s live casino capabilities, is a vivid example of how strategic collaborations can redefine the benchmarks of the online gaming industry. This alliance is not just about expanding game portfolios; it’s about creating immersive, high-quality live gaming experiences that resonate with players’ evolving preferences.

Such partnerships are instrumental in pushing the boundaries of what online gaming can offer, demonstrating a proactive approach to meeting customer expectations and setting new standards in the live casino segment. The combined strengths of these industry giants are poised to create a ripple effect, influencing future trends and elevating the overall standard of online gaming experiences.

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