by Mateusz Mazur

Gamification Revolution in iGaming. How to Elevate Player Engagement?

Gamification in the iGaming industry has transformed the way players engage with online casinos and sports betting platforms. A prime example of a company at the forefront of this innovative approach is Soft2Bet, which has skillfully incorporated gamification elements into its offerings to enhance user experience and increase player engagement and retention.

The Underestimated Potential of Gamification

Gamification appears to be the most natural progression for the iGaming industry, yet numerous examples indicate that many companies either underestimate its potential or approach the concept incorrectly.

However, the example of Soft2Bet demonstrates that not all companies exhibit a shortsighted approach. Soft2Bet, along with its Chief Product Officer Yoel Zuckerberg, is gradually emerging as an industry pioneer in the realm of gamification. Where does the recipe for success lie?

Soft2Bet has embraced gamification by introducing many simple features such as challenges, card collections, and achievement systems into its casino and sports betting offerings. These features not only make the platforms more attractive to players but also contribute significantly to their success by increasing user engagement, which in turn drives activity and revenues.

A Data-Driven Gamification Strategy

The company’s approach to gamification is not just about adding entertaining features, it is also deeply rooted in a data-driven strategy that involves customizing the technology stack to meet specific gamification goals, creating personalized experiences for players, and ensuring cross-functional collaboration among teams.

Discussing gamification in a recent interview, Soft2Bet CPO Yoel Zuckerberg said: “In the current climate operators have a tendency to produce very similar offerings, lacking originality, innovation and differentiation. At Soft2Bet everything we do is to enhance the players’ experience and we have moved away from the generic games, bonuses or payments that you see among much of the industry. This drives us on a day-to-day basis to find the best way to offer products to our players, which will lead to increased engagement and player retention.”

The data demonstrates the success of Soft2Bet’s strategy. The company’s integration of gamification features has shown impressive results, with nearly half of the players who engage with these features depositing larger amounts, and their deposit frequency also rising 30%.

This full integration of gamification within the player account management system has led to a 60% increase in gross gaming revenue (GGR), lifetime value (LTV), and a 70% rise in average revenue per user (ARPU), highlighting the significant financial benefits of incorporating gamification into iGaming platforms.

Soft2Bet’s immersive gamified experiences, such as dynamic city-builder games where players earn points to construct and enhance their virtual cities, have revolutionized player engagement.

This approach not only keeps players invested in the game but also translates their achievements into tangible rewards, significantly increasing deposit frequencies and player turnover.

Gamification Beyond Gaming Features

When discussing gamification, it’s also impossible to overlook the topic of B2B solutions. A provider can come up with the best, most innovative ideas in gamification, but if the client is unable to easily and successfully implement them onto their platform, we lose sight of the main goal. After all, it’s not just about the provider’s satisfaction with a job well done, but about the results that the solution achieves at the moment of interaction with the player.

In this area, Soft2Bet also has much to offer, because the company has also strongly focused on its turnkey solutions, allowing clients to quickly launch fully operational gaming platforms that are customized to meet unique brand and market needs.

This aspect of Soft2Bet’s offering demonstrates how crucial other areas related to gamification itself, such as customization and localization, are. Only through the synergy of all these areas can the company ensure a product that resonates with a wide audience.

“Turnkey solutions allow our clients to quickly launch a fully operational gaming platform, saving them time and resources. For Soft2Bet, it’s an opportunity to expand our reach and grow our client base. The main challenge, however, is ensuring that each solution can be customized to meet our clients’ unique brand and market needs. We invest significantly in localization and customization capabilities to address this,” explains Zuckerberg.

The Pillars of Soft2Bet’s Gamification Success

Soft2Bet’s success in gamification is built on three core pillars: customizing the technology stack to meet specific gamification objectives, creating personalized experiences, and fostering cross-functional collaboration.

The company sets clear, data-driven goals, such as enhancing player engagement and loyalty, and employs A/B testing to refine gamification elements based on real player feedback.

This strategy is supported by a flexible and scalable technology architecture, allowing for rapid feature integration and iteration without compromising the player experience

The company’s approach to gamification in iGaming is multifaceted and driven by a desire to innovate within the industry, often perceived as stagnant due to regulatory constraints and uniform offerings.

Soft2Bet has distinguished itself by not only integrating gamification but also emphasizing customization and localization to cater to diverse market needs. This holistic approach ensures that their products resonate with a broad audience, enhancing player experience and retention. Because of all that, the Soft2Bet approach can serve as a benchmark for other companies in the industry.

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