by Kajetan Sawicz

Gaming Corps Expands Reach with Dot Connections’ A.C.E. Platform Partnership

In a strategic move poised to enhance its global footprint, Sweden-based Gaming Corps, a notable entity in the game development arena, has inked a significant distribution deal with Dot Connections. This collaboration aims to channel Gaming Corps’ diverse and high-quality games suite through the A.C.E. platform, Dot Connections’ acclaimed iGaming aggregator, to an expansive network of over 300 operator partners worldwide.

A Seamless Bridge to Global Gaming Audiences

The A.C.E. platform, renowned for its comprehensive one-stop-shop solution, continues to bolster its reputation by integrating the best content providers and consistently adding new operator partners. This collaboration is set to introduce Gaming Corps’ extensive array of games, including Crash, Mine, Table, Slot, and Plinko, to a wider audience, featuring flagship titles like Jet Lucky, Coin Miner, and recent hits such as Piggy Smash and Mighty Mammoth.

Danielle Calafato, the Chief Commercial Officer at Gaming Corps, expressed enthusiasm about the partnership, highlighting Dot Connections’ proven track record in bridging the gap between operators and suppliers efficiently. This alliance is anticipated to amplify Gaming Corps’ reach and enrich its gaming portfolio with forthcoming releases, enhancing the gaming experience for a broad spectrum of players.

Cora Chen, Chief Operating Officer at Dot Connections, mirrored the sentiment, underscoring the potential of Gaming Corps’ engaging and diverse game collection to resonate with operators and their clientele. With the A.C.E. platform’s growing base of operator partners, this collaboration is expected to significantly elevate Gaming Corps’ visibility and adoption in the iGaming ecosystem.

Our Comment on the Collaboration

The strategic partnership between Gaming Corps and Dot Connections through the A.C.E. platform marks a pivotal chapter in the iGaming industry, promising to enrich the gaming landscape with innovative and engaging content. As Gaming Corps leverages this opportunity to scale its offerings globally, the synergy between these two industry stalwarts sets a compelling precedent for future collaborations, highlighting the importance of strategic alliances in driving growth and diversification in the dynamic world of iGaming.

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