Date: 24.01.2024

by Antoni Majewski

Gaming Innovation Group Unveils Enhanced X-Suite Products at ICE 2024

Ahead of ICE 2024, Gaming Innovation Group (GiG), a frontrunner in B2B online gaming, has announced a significant enhancement of its product lineup. This update includes the launch of two new solutions, CoreX and SportX, as part of its advanced X-Suite, positioning GiG as a leader in iGaming platform and sportsbook solutions in demanding global markets.

GiG Triumphs in Q3 2023 with Record Revenues and Strategic Growth

Introducing CoreX and SportX

GiG has launched CoreX, an innovative iGaming platform, alongside SportX, a revolutionary sportsbook. These products form a part of GiG’s enhanced turnkey suite, designed to address the growing needs of regulated markets worldwide. CoreX, already operational in Latam, Europe, and North America, is praised for its adaptability, security, and scalability, offering extensive localization capabilities.

SportX, noted for its comprehensive integrated sports betting experience, is tailored for rapid localization and excels in complex regulatory environments. The platfomr sets a new standard in sports betting, offering an advanced, feature-rich product backed by a revolutionary backend and a dedicated 24/7 trading team. This sportsbook allows real-time margin adjustments and is crafted to thrive in challenging regulatory landscapes.

CoreX: Adaptable and Powerful iGaming Platform

CoreX emerges as a robust and agile iGaming platform, accommodating rapid integrations and limitless third-party inventory. It is strategically designed to meet legislative changes and user demands worldwide, offering an unrivaled solution for revenue growth in both established and emerging markets.

GiG’s X-Suite also encompasses flagship products DataX and LogicX, which have been upgraded with advanced AI and automation. These tools collectively enhance operational efficiency, optimize acquisition, and leverage retention, featuring machine learning models to aid decision-making and revenue growth for operators.

GiG at ICE London 2024

GiG is set to showcase its new X-Suite range at ICE London 2024, located at stand N9-140. This launch marks a new chapter for GiG, following recent senior hires and successful brand launches, including Betway in Portugal and multiple launches with partner BPlay in Latin America.

Andrew Cochrane, Chief Business Officer at GiG, expressed his excitement: “Our X-Suite launch marks an incredibly exciting new chapter for GiG…We’re immensely proud of the work put in to develop platforms and products that are best-in-class, elevating our customers’ position in complex regulated territories.”

Objective Commentary: GiG’s Bold Step in iGaming Innovation

GiG’s introduction of CoreX and SportX, as part of its enhanced X-Suite, represents a bold step in iGaming innovation. These products demonstrate GiG’s commitment to developing cutting-edge solutions that cater to the evolving needs of the global online gaming market. The focus on adaptability, advanced features, and regulatory compliance positions GiG as a pioneer in the industry.

This development is likely to not only benefit GiG and its partners but also set new benchmarks for technology and product offerings in the iGaming sector, especially in highly regulated and competitive markets. The showcasing of these products at ICE London 2024 is anticipated to be a significant moment for GiG, underlining its role as a leader in driving forward the future of online gaming technology.