Date: 21.11.2023

by Antoni Majewski

Gauselmann Group Expands Its Casino Empire with Lower Saxony Concession

The Gauselmann Group, a renowned family-owned company from Eastern Westphalia, has successfully secured the casino concession for Lower Saxony, Germany.

This achievement allows the group to operate up to ten casino locations under the MERKUR sun brand, starting from 1 September 2024 for a 15-year period. This development marks another major milestone for the group, following their acquisition of North Rhine-Westphalia casinos just two years prior.

Paul Gauselmann’s Vision and Commitment

Paul Gauselmann, the founder and Chairman of the Gauselmann Group, expresses his pride and delight over this new achievement. He emphasizes the group’s expertise in responsible gaming and money management, seeing the integration of the Lower Saxony casinos as an opportunity to expand the Merkur brand. This expansion includes welcoming approximately 400 employees into their fold.

Criteria for Concession Award

The Gauselmann Group’s proven capability in managing casinos was a key factor in winning the concession. Their track record includes 15 successful locations across Saxony-Anhalt, North Rhine-Westphalia, Berlin, and Rhineland-Palatinate. The group’s economic viability, financial stability, and high-quality operational concepts were pivotal in securing the concession.

A Future Full of Promise

David Schnabel, Managing Director of Merkur Spielbanken, said: “With the takeover of the North Rhine-Westphalia casinos in 2021, we proved in an impressive way that we are able to realign the gaming and service offering in record time, to secure existing jobs, create new ones, and even increase their attractiveness.”

The Gauselmann Group takes its societal responsibilities seriously, prioritizing safe, legal gaming and implementing youth and gamer protection measures. Their commitment to responsible gaming is affirmed by certifications from the Global Gambling Guidance Group (G4) and the European Casino Association (ECA).

Exemplary Service and Ambience

The group’s success in operating Merkur Spielbanken is attributed not only to their extensive gaming and entertainment offerings but also to the exceptional ambience and well-trained staff. David Schnabel underscores the continuous optimization of their casino concept, tailored to meet the desires of their guests. The integration of Lower Saxony casinos is seen as a promising step towards future success and growth.

Our Comment on the Article

The Gauselmann Group’s acquisition of the Lower Saxony casino concession is a significant stride in their expansion journey. This move not only demonstrates their operational excellence and commitment to responsible gaming but also shows their ability to adapt and grow in a competitive industry.

The integration of new casinos and employees under the Merkur brand is a promising development for the group and the casino industry in Germany. With their focus on customer needs, responsible gaming, and a high-quality gaming experience, the Gauselmann Group is well-positioned to continue its trajectory of success and innovation.

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