Date: 27.09.2023

by Mateusz Mazur

Last update: 25.11.2023 10:49

Genius Sports Launches BetVision: Revolutionizing Live Sports Betting with Immersive Streaming

Genius Sports Limited, a global leader in sports data and technology, has unveiled BetVision, a groundbreaking sports wagering experience that combines live streams with integrated bet slips, real-time statistics, and dynamic enhancements within a single interactive player.


Genius Sports Launches BetVision: Revolutionizing Live Sports Betting with Immersive Streaming

BetVision is set to transform the sports betting landscape, offering an immersive platform that allows users to place bets directly within the live video player, initially featuring NFL games in the United States.

A New Era in Sports Betting

BetVision marks a significant milestone as the world’s first immersive sports wagering experience. It brings together live game video streams with integrated betting odds and bet slips, providing users with a seamless and engaging way to wager on their favorite sports. The platform also introduces in-game betting alerts and on-screen offers during breaks in the action to enhance relevance, increase user engagement, and retain customers.

Genius Sports is launching BetVision with a focus on NFL live games in the United States. This integration allows sportsbook customers to place bets directly within the live video player on mobile and tablet devices. Users can access data-driven insights, graphic overlays, and visualizations that are already familiar to broadcast and streaming partners across North America. BetVision is designed to offer a personalized viewing experience, allowing users to customize their content and statistics preferences.

Industry Partnerships

The initial launch of BetVision includes partnerships with leading U.S. sports betting operators, Caesars Sportsbook and Fanatics Sportsbook. These operators will stream both nationally distributed and local, regionalized live NFL games throughout the 2023 NFL season. Additional features and functionality will be added to BetVision over the course of the season, enhancing the user experience.

Genius Sports holds an exclusive partnership with the NFL, serving as the league’s distributor of real-time, official play-by-play statistics, proprietary Next Gen Stats (NGS) data, and the official sports betting data feed to media companies and sports betting operators globally. The addition of low-latency live game video streams through BetVision further solidifies Genius Sports’ position in enhancing the NFL fan and bettor experience.

BetVision represents a groundbreaking advancement in the world of sports betting, offering an immersive and personalized platform for sports enthusiasts. Genius Sports’ innovative approach, combined with its exclusive partnership with the NFL, is set to redefine how fans engage with sports content and wager on live events. As the platform evolves and additional features are introduced, BetVision is poised to become a game-changer in the world of sportsbook engagement.


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