by Mateusz Mazur

Gibraltar Exits FATF Grey List in a Landmark Move

Gibraltar has been officially removed from the Financial Action Task Force’s (FATF) grey list, a decision that marks a significant turning point for the jurisdiction.

This move comes alongside Barbados, the United Arab Emirates, and Uganda, highlighting Gibraltar’s substantial efforts and progress in enhancing its anti-money laundering and counter-terrorism financing frameworks.

Acknowledging Gibraltar’s Commitment to International Standards

The FATF’s decision to delist Gibraltar reflects the territory’s steadfast dedication to aligning with global norms aimed at combating financial crimes. The Chief Minister of Gibraltar expressed his satisfaction with this development, noting it as a testament to Gibraltar’s commitment to maintaining a transparent and responsible financial sector.

Nigel Feetham, Minister for Trade and Industry, underscored the extensive work that has gone into not only achieving delisting but also in ensuring Gibraltar’s ongoing compliance with FATF standards. With an eye toward future evaluations, Gibraltar is already laying the groundwork to ensure its continued alignment with FATF requirements, demonstrating a proactive approach to international financial regulation.

A Stronger Financial Centre: Gibraltar’s Enhanced Global Position

The removal from the FATF grey list serves to reinforce Gibraltar’s reputation as a credible and reliable financial hub. This achievement is expected to bolster investor confidence and enhance the jurisdiction’s appeal as a centre for financial services, setting a positive trajectory for Gibraltar’s economic and regulatory landscape.

Our Perspective

Gibraltar’s exit from the FATF grey list is more than just a regulatory achievement; it signifies the jurisdiction’s unwavering resolve to uphold the highest standards of financial integrity and compliance.

This development not only enhances Gibraltar’s position on the global stage but also sets a benchmark for other jurisdictions striving to meet and exceed international regulatory expectations. The foresight and diligence demonstrated in preparing for future evaluations further exemplify Gibraltar’s commitment to being at the forefront of combating financial crimes, ensuring a secure and robust financial environment for all stakeholders.

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