Date: 02.02.2024

by Mateusz Mazur

GiG Welcomes Ryan Collinge to Spearhead Business Development for X-Suite Products

Gaming Innovation Group (GiG) announced the addition of Ryan Collinge as the new Senior Vice President of Business Development for Platform and Sportsbook.

This strategic appointment marks a significant move for GiG as it aims to bolster its commercial expertise and extend the reach of its innovative X-Suite products in the competitive iGaming landscape.

A Veteran Joins the Team

Ryan Collinge, with his extensive 20-year background in the industry, including key roles at Blueprint Gaming and the Gauselmann Group, is set to bring a wealth of experience and a proven track record of commercial success to GiG. His expertise in customer relations and his instrumental role in securing high-profile contracts are expected to drive revenue growth and expand GiG’s global footprint.

Collinge’s appointment aligns with GiG’s ambitious strategic plans, outlined by CBO Andrew Cochrane, to solidify its industry position and promote sustained growth. GiG is confident that its blend of outstanding products, high-level service, and top talent will continue to position it as a frontrunner in delivering cutting-edge iGaming solutions.

Revolutionizing with X-Suite

GiG has been capturing significant interest with the launch of its X-Suite Platform CoreX, Sportsbook SportX, and AI-driven features DataX and LogicX. These products, leveraging the latest in AI and data-based solutions, offer secure, scalable, and user-centric features designed to maximize growth opportunities for operators.

Richard Carter, CEO for Platform and Sportsbook at GiG, expressed his enthusiasm about Collinge’s joining, highlighting it as a move to scale revenue and acquire new partners. “Ryan’s exceptional industry reputation and strategic approach will be invaluable to GiG during this rapid growth phase,” Carter stated.

Andrew Cochrane, CBO for Platform and Sportsbook at GiG, also emphasized the significance of Collinge’s arrival, noting the escalating interest in GiG’s business verticals since the X-Suite launch. “Ryan’s experience is undeniably impressive, and his appointment underlines our ability to attract top industry talent,” Cochrane remarked.

Ryan Collinge shared his excitement about joining GiG, citing the enormous potential of the business and the impressive new X-Suite of products. “We go into ICE and 2024 full of ambition and anticipation for what we can achieve together,” said Collinge.

Our Comment on the Article

Ryan Collinge’s addition to the GiG team as the Senior Vice President of Business Development for Platform and Sportsbook is a testament to GiG’s commitment to driving innovation and growth in the iGaming sector.

His extensive experience and strategic acumen are poised to enhance GiG’s commercial strategies, expand its market presence, and foster the successful rollout of its X-Suite products. As GiG gears up for ICE London 2024 and beyond, Collinge’s leadership is expected to play a crucial role in realizing the company’s ambitious goals and continuing to set new standards in the iGaming industry.