Date: 21.11.2023

by Antoni Majewski

Golden Matrix Group Reports Record Revenues and Strategic Growth in 2023

Golden Matrix Group Inc. (GMGI), a leader in online gaming and eCommerce platforms, has announced a record-setting fiscal year ending October 31, 2023.

Golden Matrix Group Provides Update on Pending MeridianBet Group Acquisition

The company’s preliminary revenue estimates show a remarkable surge to over $44 million, marking a significant 22% increase from the $36 million revenue of fiscal 2022. This achievement underscores GMGI’s robust growth and success in the gaming industry.

Fourth Quarter Triumph

The company’s financial triumph extends to its fourth fiscal quarter, achieving a record revenue of $11.7 million. This impressive quarter performance contributes significantly to the overall fiscal year success.

Brian Goodman, the CEO of GMGI, expresses satisfaction with the company’s consistent progress: “Our core B2B platform for operators throughout the Asia Pacific region remains strong, and we have benefitted from an acceleration of growth, with greater profitability, in the Company’s B2C segment, UK-based RKings Competitions Ltd. Also, our B2C Mexican casino, MEXPLAY, was launched and operating in the second half of the year and showed quarter on quarter improvements in customer deposits and player participation.”

Positive Cash Flow and Future Prospects

Goodman notes the company’s continued generation of positive cash flow, with cash-on-hand increasing by 14% at the end of fiscal 2023 compared to the previous fiscal year. This financial stability is a positive indicator of the company’s health and growth potential.

Looking forward, Goodman discusses the preliminary proxy statement filed with the SEC regarding the planned acquisition of the MeridianBet Group. This strategic move is expected to significantly enhance GMGI’s competitive position in the global gaming market, expanding its offerings to include casino games, sports betting, and tournament competitions across multiple jurisdictions.

Our Comment on the Article

Golden Matrix Group’s record revenues and strategic developments in 2023 mark a significant milestone in the company’s trajectory. The successful expansion of both B2B and B2C segments, along with the promising launch of MEXPLAY, demonstrate GMGI’s ability to innovate and grow in a competitive market.

The planned acquisition of the MeridianBet Group is a strategic decision that could propel the company to new heights, broadening its reach and offerings in the global gaming sector. GMGI’s financial stability and positive cash flow are testament to its solid business strategy and management effectiveness, positioning the company for continued success and expansion in the gaming industry.

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